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Why Is VirtueMart A Promising Trend In Future?

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VirtueMart is an open source E-commerce solution designed as an extension of CMS Joomla, the perfect solution for anyone who is about to start an E-commerce business, especially online shopping.

According to Ebrahimi on MerchantMaverick, an outstanding advantage of Virtuemart is that it is basically a plugin for CMS Joomla. Thus, you do not have to install both pieces of software to use the cart.

Besides, Joomla is now currently trusted by millions of websites and Virtuemart’s compatibility with Joomla makes Virtuemart an easy and convenient choice.

Virtuemart has a very active community forum where you can find answers to most of your problems.

There is also no cap on the number of products you list with Virtuemart. Most importantly, there are hundreds of Virtuemart extensions that specifically cater your needs from categories, import and export,manufacturers, orders, payments, shipments, templates and themes.

BuiltWith Trends reported, up to September 23rd 2013, VirtueMart has been used by over 269000 online retailers. It ran on 1,47% of the top 10K sites, 3,25% of the top 100K sites, and 6.02% of the top million sites. This number is now increasing year by year.

This proves that Virtuemart is convenient and trusted by those who have used it. The developers ofVirtuemart are working hard to improve this E-commerce solutions so that it becomes more and more useful for both retailers and their consumers.

VirtueMart 3.x is currently receiving a lot of positive comments from experts and users. ChillCreations believes the new interface to be smarter and easier to control. The products’ interface is also much cleaner. Moreover, the new version of Virtuemart makes it easier for front end web developers when it comes to deploying this Ecommerce solution.

VirtueMart is guaranteed to be the promising trend in the future based on its compatibility with Joomla, easy-to-use system, great features and also a very active community.

Moreover, the increasing in the number of consumers choosing virtual shopping instead of physical shopping will surely popularize all E-commerce solutions.

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