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Why do Virtuemart marketplace websites need template and extension?

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As you know, becoming an e-commerce website owner is the dream of many people. If you are a young man like technology and business, you will want a marketplace website. It’s very easy, isn’t it? No, no, never! If you want a website, this is easy. I only need a small sum and a good ideal. Then, you buy hosting, domain and find a platform for a website. Ok, you enough tools for the completed basic web. But, That’s not enough for an eCommerce website. I am a fan of VirtueMart. In this article, I will tell you about How to build a marketplace website with Virtuemart and why you need Virtuemart extensions.

Do you know about Virtuemart?

Virtuemart is an e-commerce component on the Joomla platform! This is the open-source platform. So, if you had a hosting and a domain, you can easily make an e-commerce website but your web will like that:

However, you want your website will like that:

or like that:

Amazon website

At least, you hope it will look like this:

Etsy website

They look really different, aren’t they?

So, I think that: if you are not a developer, you will need to Virtuemart template, Virtuemart Extension. Why? Because the template will make your website more beautiful and visually appealing. extension helps your website to have more features and easier to use! They will change your website. Where can you find them? I have a few suggestions for you:

The first, on Virtuemart.net

You can find the latest version 3.6.0 of Virtuemart here. Besides, you may find something interesting on Extension Menu. In Virtuemart Extensions, they will be categorized into the following extensions categories as Product, Shopper & Order, Checkout, Template, Back Office, Marketing and Support. You can find beautiful themes in the Template menu for your website.

The Second, on Themeforest

So many many Virtuemart Themes on Themeforest! There is about 80 Theme (items) on Themeforest. You can choose a template for your website.

The third, on Joomla Extension Directory (JED)

On JED, finding Extensions of Virtuemart is quite difficult. If you want to choose a suitable theme, you need to follow some way below:

  1. Use search bar: you can find extensions or template you want by typings thing you need on the search bar with word “Virtuemart”
  2. Find to follow the topic: Choose Extension Specific category, you can see many Virtuemart Extension. Find the extension you want!

Virtuemart.net Extensions

My advice for you: If you want to change your Virtuemart website from the default template become completed e-commerce marketplace, you should choose the product of CMSmart MarketPlace. They provide the best extensions and themes for marketplace websites. There are some outstanding extensions such as One Page checkout, Save cart Plugin, Advance Delivery Date & Time, Order upload Plugin, etc. They have some beautiful themes such as Responsive Printing Template, Responsive Flowers Online Shop Template.

Finally, the above is my opinion about Why do VirtueMart marketplace websites need template and extension. I hope you have the VirtueMart marketplace website as you wish. If you want to discuss Virtuemart, let’s go to Virtuemart.club!

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