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Why ByEqima lead Joomla Extension about social network

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One thing that is absolutely necessary for any kind of business – be it small or large – is a fully functional website. Your online presence can seriously affect the way you run business as a company with a functional website is deemed trustworthy. In this day and age, people Google everything before making a decision and if your company is not listed in the search results, you are losing out millions of customers each day. But having a website is not enough to gain an advantage over your competitors. You need to make it interactive enough so that and make the access to your website easier for your customers.

Joomla Extension development giant byEqima has developed a Joomla component so that you can link your Joomla website to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. This way, any potential customer can easily access your website by authenticating with their social networking accounts. There will be no need to create a new user id and password for your website. This component can easily increase the traffic of your website by making you more visible on different social networking sites. The people who visit your site can easily share, recommended and like the different products on your website, making them visible to their friends. This process will go on and your products will soon reach people who have never heard about your company. With the LinkedIn module you can also post job offers and also attract visitors seeking professional opportunity.

ByEqima’s Joomla extension is compatible with Joomla 3.x, and with only extensions developed by byEqima and using the standard template provided by Joomla. It is easy to integrate in your website with the possibility of activation or deactivation of the Joomla extension. Even if you are new to Joomla extensions, the installation and setup will be a walk in the park due to the step by step support and the documentation available online. You can see in a glance on a dashboard, all the effects of your social activities, the number of “likes”, the number of “tweets” and the number of clicks on your website. That way you can control your visibility. With the comment widget, your customers can leave their valuable feedback on your website, thus making it easier for you to make improvements.

With this new extension from byEqima, your Joomla website can easily edge out all competitions and make it easier for you to interact with your customers. Customers like it when the company interacts with them directly about any problems.

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