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What you need to know about SEO into 2016

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When searching anything, just by typing several keywords, there will be millions of results return in less than one second. With that huge amount of results, SEO is an effective technique to make your sites become outstanding and easy to reach the searchers.
Along with the significant development of information technology, SEO is also swiftly evolving and enriching. Therefore, with the same technique, in the previous year, it may be the hottest and newest but in the next year; it will be totally out of date for more advanced and efficient models of SEO. Google makes the change frequently to avoid dishonesty and spam, if you want to catch up with the trend, let’s relearn SEO concepts to adapt with new world and here is the list of eight things for you:

  1. The Importance of Investment Return

Being professional and serious in selecting keywords will help you to make a great leap forward in ranking, but it does not actually mean that you can maximize your revenue at that time. KISSMetrics, RJMetrics, or some similar tools will enable you to find and follow each movement of customers and decide which search queries ultimately lead to your financial success.

  1. Mobile Friendliness

Nowadays, people not access Internet just by computer; they hold variety of devices on their hands such as smartphones, tablets and laptops. Do not owning a mobile friendly website means that you are kicked out of the game due to slower loading process and SEO is also affected.

  1. Go Broad

In the past, mid-long and long-tail keywords were the standard but Google’s Hummingbird algorithm is more sophisticated and it wants to ensure your website satisfies both queries. This technique will make new algorithm become easier to understand of your content and its context, and your traffic also increases as well.

  1. Expressed versus Implied

There is a different between these two concepts. Expressed links are clickable links that direct to you. Implied links mentions your website but there’s nothing to click on. Google will evaluate how often people talk about you and weight it. You should pay more attention to implied links, as Google is using them to measure your credibility and how user desires to find you.

  1. Effective Content Marketing

Besides strong CEO, you need to market your content and its quality is always put on top. Using keyword statistics to boost the visibility and credibility of your content, offering to exchange guest blog posts with other sites in relevant niches, a long index of FAQs, and providng content that reputable and commonly used resources would feel inclined to link to are all effective steps you can take to market your content to its fullest extent.

  1. Learn to Deal with Negative SEO

There are some simple steps to contain the detriment and have the offender penalized. Google Webmaster Tools will help you to find the required forms and report suspicious activity. Monitoring your links and statistics frequently is a most effective ways to make you be active with any unusual behavior. Google penalties can destroy your website’s ratings, and enable negative SEO to go unnoticed for an extended period can result in long term consequences.

  1. Building Relationships

There are thousands of ways and places to place your link. Building a solid working relationship with others who are established in your niche will lead to your priority over others who are competing for the same spot. These websites are used to people emailing in droves about guest proposals and establishing favorable relationships.

  1. Keep At It

Mastering the basic SEO techniques and updating continuously the new trend are the key success factors for you to go fast and far. It is a long journey with a lot of changes.

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