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Virtuemart Plugin : Order Upload Image to attracting customer

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Nowadays,  almost people using internet to explore the world. When technology development , people communicate through many devices with many ways to save time and if you own an online store, you cannot ignore Virtuemart Order Upload Plugin on your website.

The Order Upload Utility is easy to use and install for small to medium business owners. And shop owners don’t need to worry about hacking Virtuemart corrupted.


If you have multiple images or files, would you like to upload them one by one? Now, time is money and it will take you a lot of time with lots of clicks and steps. Virtuemart Order Upload can help you to solve this problem. Using it on your website, you can upload as many as you like. One of the convenient functions of this product is that a Client does not need to log into the website to upload a file to their order.

Furthermore, users can edit or delete any image and file during upload. Especially can automatically create thumbnail image files for the product and users also easily configure the maximum file upload size.

With easy to customize and user friendly backend options, this extension is ideal for any website. It can also work well with all modern browsers like Firefox, chrome, Safari, Opera, etc. The Virtuemart Order Upload Plugin is a must-have extension in your website.

When you install the VirtueMart 2 component for Joomla 2.5, the VirtueMart Search Plugin is also installed. This VirtueMart search plugin is used by the standard Joomla search component to search through your products. This means the same joomla search module looks for well-searched articles through products in your VirtueMart store.

What is a virtuemart plugin?

The virtuemart plugin is an extension to the Joomla virtuemart component. Each plugin is designed to look for a particular thing. For example there is an individual search plugin for your Joomla 2.5 posts, Joomla article categories and now your VirtueMart products.

Today, I want to introduce the Virtuemart Plugin of Cmsmart, The Virtuemart Order Upload Plugin for Joomla . that will help the business creating more client and increasing revenue .


Virtuemart Order Upload plugin brings customers a great experience with 3 simple steps. The first step, customers go to the website and select the button “Add file” to upload the product image as you like and then click “Upload” to finish the uploading process.

The second step, you check all products in the order before going to the button “Add to cart”. Select “Show cart” if you want to see how many items are in your cart to check out or you can choose “continue to shop” if you want to explore more of the site’s interest. All uploaded products are automatically saved to your cart and you won’t forget your favorite ones.

The last step, when entering cart, customers will log in to pay in the form of “Upload order”. Customers fill in all information such as: information of the form “send invoice” and form “delivery to place” by selecting the button add / edit. Please enter your coupon code for a discount to save your money. Finally, finish off by clicking the “check out now” button to complete your shopping journey.


If you don’t have a lot of tech knowledge, don’t worry, because with only 4 steps you can also easily install your website a great Virtuemart extension which is Upload Order Plugin:

Direct the step for the set up the tool for Virtuemart plugin for  Joomla

Step 1: Go to Joomla admin page and install this plugin by selecting Extensions Manager in the Extensions category. Select a file of this extension to upload and install the file. Then select Plugin Manager to enable the plugin.

Step 2: Activate the Joomla Plugin in the Virtuemart Configuration. Please go to Admin → Components → Virtuemart → Configuration → Store → select Enable Joomla Plugin

Step 3: Virtuemart Category -> Custom Fields. Fill in the Custom Field Form information: select the plugin on the Custom Saved Type checkbox with the title Uploaded to order image title, choose yes for the shopping cart property, cart input and in the selected plugin, select Upload VM custom image. Finally, choose “save and close”.

Step 4: Go to Virtuemart → Products and select any product in the “Search for Products” text box and go to the Related Category Form to add the created custom fields -> save. Click “Dress (ASD)” to view the product in the user interface.



Upload multiple files: Upload multiple images and files at once with Ajax effect, no need to refresh product pages

Cancel upload at any time: Edit or delete any images and files during the upload

Automatically generate thumbnails: Image files will be generated with thumbnails automatically

Review the uploaded files on the checkout page: After uploading the file to the product and adding it to the cart, the customer can pay immediately

Supports multiple file types: Shoppers can upload an image or any file type to the product details page.

Cross-Browser Support: These extension themes work well with all modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and Internet Explorer 9+

Powerful order upload features: With feature buttons, add files, upload, cancel, start and delete, shoppers can easily use them to complete their file upload

Image / file management: Images / files are managed inside Virtuemart’s Order Management admin, and you’ll know which empty uploaded items belong to the same order / same buyer .

Easy to install in just 10 minutes:

Easy to configure: Configure the number of files uploaded. Configuration maximizes file size to be uploaded.

In Conclusion: This virtuemart  plugin for image order upload is  really usefully and this will become the best tool for the manager who has business foundation.

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