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Virtuemart Extensions To Build A Powerful Search Function

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Search function is an indispensable feature of every website. There are many studies show that the search performance can affect the results in business of ecommerce website. In fact, eConsultancy said that more than 30% of ecommerce visitors will use site search, website with many visitors who use internal site search has 5-6X higher conversions than the average non-site search visitor.

An article from eConsultancy also shows that site search visitors are accounted to make 13.8% of the overall revenue. Moreover, Inbenta confirmed that customers who used their site search have 43% more likely to make a purchase. A statistic was shared by Screen Pages, while the number of customers were performing searches just accounted less than 10% of all visitors, but 40% of site’s revenue came from those searchers, such a notable number!

The numbers above have talked about the importance of search feature for ecommerce website, so what would you do to improve search of your Virtuemart website? Here are 2 Virtuemart extensions that can help you to create a perfect search function:

Virtuemart Custom Filters


Besides bringing a good site search which allows users to search and get the accurate results, you also can provide customers a feature that allows them to get a good deal, depending on what they are looking for. Virtuemart custom filters module is a product which was created to help users can find and search products based on price, width/height, weight, rating, etc…

By using this module for your Virtuemart website, your customers can create multiple filters based on different criterias and then they can search for product by the most accurate way. This module also used Ajax & JQuerry, it allows customers to set the filters and see results immediately without need of reloading page.

Not only helps customers to search product easier, but also allows store owners can install and use with ease. The module has been optimized and ready to use with all filters’ measures available such as Price, Category, Manufacturers, Width/Height, Weight, Rating, Product name, Color… All parameters are easy to enter and especially, no coding skills are required.


Virtuemart Ajax Search Pro Module


If you are looking for a solution which can help you to build a search system that allows users searching and get result instantly, this is a perfect choice for you. The default search system doesn’t allow users to get results while entering keyword; they need to enter keyword and go to another page to see results. But this Ajax search pro module can help you to do that.

The Ajax empowered technology will remove the time of waiting whole page reload in order to see search results. Users just need to type 3 characters of keywords and then the search results will be displayed in a drop-down list, it allows users to get results quickly and choose from dropdown list. Moreover, the dropdown list will display results beautifully with image thumbnails and prices.

In additional to the benefits for users, Virtuemart Ajax search module is very easy to install and used by store owners. In backend, store owners can set-up this module easily with a friendly interface; they also can set the number of search results which will be displayed in dropdown list – the limited number of search results for same keyword.


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