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VirtueMart Administration : The Vendor and Vendor Categories

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The Vendor and Vendor Categories represents the top level of VirtueMart Administration . Through vendor administration, shopkeepers can manage supplier or supplier products, users, and orders.

For simple stores with only a handful of products on offer, it is not necessary to administer the vendor, but for larger, more complex stores, such as an online shopping mall, admin. vendor may be essential.

Since all products, product categories, users, and orders are associated with supplier profiles, establishing a supplier and supplier portfolio structure is the first step in building online shop.

Note that it is not necessary to create a provider directory first. A provider can be re-linked to the provider directory once all of the provider records have been created. However, creating a carrier directory record in advance can save some extra work if you already know how you want to categorize your provider.

Vendor Catgories

The Vendor Catgories is a way to categorize the types of goods and services a provider offers on your website. For example, you might have an online furniture mall. You may want to create vendor categories like “Antiques”, “Office Furniture” and “Yard Furniture”.

Note that a single provider on your website can only be associated with a single provider directory, so it’s important to use categories wide enough to represent a choice of frontage doors. shopper’s goods. For example, “Antiques” and “Vintage Clothing” won’t be a broad enough category if you have a supplier selling both items. In this case, you may want to use “Antiques” as your supplier directory.

VirtueMart creates “-default-” provider directory name upon installation. It is not necessary to change this unless you choose to use the fully functional vendor directory.

Browse the vendor categories

The Vendor categories List can be accessed in the Vendor Menu (“Vendors” ⇒ “Provider Directory List”). You can easily navigate to the Provider listing by clicking the text “list” linked in the “Vendors” column of the Vendor Type List.


Vendors are the main organizational factor in VirtueMart. Products and product categories, payment options, etc. are configured for each vendor.

Once installed, a global, default carrier is created. This special case cannot be deleted and managed separately through the menu option “Store | Edit Store”.

If you are running a shopping site for a supplier (for example, if you are the only supplier that will offer products in your store) then there is no need to create additional vendors. However, if you are running an online shopping mall site that will have multiple vendors, then create a vendor account for each store owner.

It may be noted here that you should not confuse the supplier with the manufacturer. A supplier may have a different manufacturer for each product they offer. If the product supplier on your website will manage their own shipping, etc. then they are the supplier. If you are going to manage these aspects, then the supplier is the manufacturer. (See Producer management for more information on that topic.)

Add a vendor

To create a new provider, select “Vendor | Add Provider” in the VirtueMart admin menu.

Edit the following fields in the Provider Information Form:

Full image


Displays the shop logo currently configured.

Upload images


Browse to the supplier company logo. This will be uploaded when you click the “Save” icon.


Global / carrier default currency

Minimum order value

This is the amount is the Minimum Order Value for payment.

Minimum amount for free shipping

This is the amount from which Shipping is free.

Currency symbols

This is the currency symbol that will be used when displaying prices.



Decimal notation

Maybe something like that. , or empty.

Thousands separator

Active format

Display Order / Style for positive numbers.


Negative format

Display Order / Style for negative numbers.



This is the Affiliate Store Description displayed on the shop.index page.

Terms of Service

This is the complete text for your Terms of Service that is visible to customers.

Name of the store


Name of dealer store.

Name of the hosting company


Name of the company providing.


Supplier’s Internet address.

address 1

Address line 1

Address 2

Address 2


The city where the vendor is located.


State / Province / Region

State / Region where supplier is located.


The country where the supplier is located.

Zip / Postal Code

Provider location’s ZIP code.


Supplier’s phone number

Last, First & Middle Name

Supplier contact person name.


Title of the Contact Person.

Phone 1 & 2

Supplier contact phone number.

Fax number

Contact’s fax number.

Email address

Primary supplier’s contact email address

Click the “Save” icon to create your new provider.

Edit vendor

To edit an existing provider, select “Vendors | Provider list” to see a list of all providers. You can also get to this screen by clicking on the linked text, the “list”, in the Provider column on the Provider Directory screen.

Click the name of the provider you want to edit, or click the “updated” linked text in the Admin column – which will take you to the same More Supplier Information form. Make your changes in the Provider’s “Add Information” form (described above) and click the “Save” icon. You will be returned to the Vendors List screen.

Remove provider

Since a provider represents the highest level of site management, it is advisable to avoid removing the provider unless absolutely necessary.

Before deleting an existing supplier, all products, product categories, users and orders associated with that supplier must be deleted through deletion or relinking with another vendor. VirtueMart will not allow deletion of the provider while these sub-records persist for that provider.

Once these sub-records have been deleted, select “Vendors | Provider list” to see a list of all providers. Then click on the name of the provider you want to remove. In the Add Supplier Information form, click the “Remove” icon. You will be returned to the Vendors List screen.

Once this provider has been deleted, it will be removed from the system. To restore this supplier, you must re-create the supplier information and re-link all relevant product and product categories.

Conclusion , The Vendor and Vendor categories are the tool necessary if you want to run the business

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