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Understanding the meaning of VirtueMart.

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Would you like to create an online store or move your existing store to a new platform? This VirtueMart review will help you learn the fundamentals of the platform, as well as how your store fits its features and functions.

VirtueMart plays an important role in the technique foundation, which will help the development of technique is growth perfectly.

What is the VirtueMart?

VirtueMart is a lightweight and easy to manage shopping cart solution for e-commerce websites. Thanks to the easy management of the software, this is extremely advantageous for sites with low traffic and conversion rates. VirtueMart is a very rich component software with lots of features. Some languages, such as Fish, Noku, and Joom, can be used using secure socket layer encryption or SSL technology. Hire VirtueMart developers and get the best VirtueMart development services for your various needs from some software.


VirtueMart is an open source plug-in available, available for download online without limits to develop and maintain a website with an unlimited number of orders, products, and customers. VirtueMart uses the PHP language and the MySQL directory environment for storage. However, it is available under the GNU General Public License with plug-ins and custom extensions as plugins. They can be used as models, modules, plug-ins and components, thus offering great usability and flexibility.


The main advantage of VirtueMart is that it provides the flexibility for users to manage and keep up their own accounts on e-commerce websites with various monetary payment orders. Customers receive updates on the accessibility of the stocks in question and they can view all previous orders at the time of shipment tracking. The software involves a number of other features that are important to an ecommerce platform. In addition, add-ons can be used to display more options and be more flexible to customers, such as displaying new products, product listings, bestsellers, featured items. and all other complementary products.

VirtueMart Review:

I summary some review for you to understand the VirtueMart clearly. These are the review, which was taken from some source in the internet and user.

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What type of merchants should use the VirtueMart ecommerce plugin?

VirtueMart is a free and open source e-commerce plug-in that works in conjunction with the Joomla content management system. It was launched in 1997 and so far, has been used by nearly 300,000 retailers worldwide.


VirtueMart is not for novice business owners. For one, it works on a less user-friendly CMS (Joomla). Known for its confusing interface and complex administration area, Joomla is a platform designed for tech savvy users, not ordinary web users. In addition, the open source VirtueMart (which is all based on PHP and MySQL) makes it difficult for the average business owner to manage. In most cases, an experienced developer or programmer is required to successfully install and deploy the platform (and to maintain it in the long term). Let’s not forget that VirtueMart and Joomla have both been wiped out by WordPress and Wooc Commerce because newer, more user-friendly CMS has become popular over the past few years.

VirtueMart (or Joomla, for that matter) does not come with any kind of hosting support. That means business owners who choose to use the platform must have their own hosting plan with other vendors to open their stores and run.

Users may also need to cough up extra dough if they want their store to be mobile-friendly. Mobile compatibility for VirtueMart is only available through the iVM Store app, which must be purchased through the iTunes App Store or Google Play. Depending on the device retailer they want to target and the licensing period they choose, the app can run between $ 110 and $ 1,000. So, if your store / product catalog already attracts a lot of mobile users, VirtueMart is not ideal.

Accepting payments with VirtueMart can also be an expensive process. To accept platform-based credit cards, retailers must first install the PCI-compliant plug-in into their Joomla installation, which costs about $ 50. They also need to sign up with an approved payment gateway and get an SSL certificate (both mean more fees.) Fortunately, PayPal is a bit easier to install and can be done for free. charge.

Ideal for: Small to medium sized retailers themselves with lots of technical know-how.

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Review VirtueMart: Bottom line

Turning your online store, or even starting from there, will be a huge step backward. VirtueMart is its past and both in design and function, it looks outdated, weak and outperforms more creative competitors. It seems VirtueMart also has a stronger international presence in the United States.

In a nutshell, VirtueMart is a valid option for retailers with their small goals. Small and medium-sized retailers are seeking in the open source market better than considering more mainstream solutions.

In the 4.0 world nowadays, VirtueMart plays an important role in the position building a network site social. Lets take a look and choosing the best solution for your business

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