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     Top 5 ways to optimize your e-commerce store for Black Friday

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As Black Friday approaches, it is expected to be bigger and better than 2018, which has raked in a record $ 6.22 billion in online sales alone. But Black Friday isn’t just for the US market – Finder.com has seen an increase in sales in the UK, Europe and South America. Black Friday is a marked global holiday on the calendars of seasoned online shoppers.

In-store transactions have made an impact, but online platforms still lead the way when it comes to shoppers’ choice for special deals and offers. That being said, your website is the most important marketing tool for making sales on Black Friday. You will have to perfect your website by Black Friday to compete with more than 1.8 billion websites, including your competitors.

So you’ll need a game plan to optimize your eCommerce store for Black Friday, and we’ve figured out five ways to do it.

Let’s begin with:

  1. Offer instant discounts and deals

Black Friday is all about discounts and offers, and you’ll trade with seasoned shoppers who want the best deals and products for their money. Therefore, you need to put your transaction in full view: from the moment people visit your website, add the items to their cart and even after they’ve paid.

When people have to look for deals or codes, especially during peak times like Black Friday, they are likely to come across a competitor. So you’ll need to give everyone immediate access to the discount code.

That means using pop-ups, website banners, and even pop-up overlays. As soon as you visit the Hot Topic website, you will be greeted with a free 30% discount. You want to start attracting shoppers as soon as they land on your website.

Ecommerce pop-up example:

Your next step to showcasing the deals you have on your store is to place the items you have for sale on the first page of your website. Again, most people during such a big holiday don’t like to search for discounted items. So create a section on your blog where all of them can be easily found and shoppers can browse easily.


  1. Email marketing transactions

In 2017, Statista reported that there were more than 3.7 million email users and that number will grow to 4.3 billion by 2022 (Statista, 2019).

That’s half of the world’s population. Email isn’t just limited to welcoming your new customers; they can also help motivate customers to come to your website to participate in Black Friday offers.

Email marketing has become the norm now, so much so that Oberlo’s Email Marketing Statistics found that some subscribers want to receive emails from brands, offers, and all of their favorite brands. surname.

Especially Black Friday emails:

email marketing stats black Friday

Black Friday email marketing :

But as great as the email, the problem is you’re not the only one who’s going to send your potential client Black Friday offer. On average, someone can receive up to 50 emails a day, and that number doubles as the high-odds holidays approach. So standing out in their inbox is important… and tough.

Home emailing on Black Friday:  There are three factors that make an email stand out from the rest: your subject line, your design, and your CTA.

But the most important of the three is the subject line of the email.

Your subject line is the first thing your customers see before they open the email. If it is irrelevant or interesting, they make no effort to open it.

Mailer Lite says best: “Treat your subject line like a movie trailer. Give them a preview, so they know what’s going to happen. ”

An engaging topic can engage your email’s target audience and hopefully turn them into leads.

Treat your subject line like a subject line, because it is. Think to yourself, is this the perfect headline for a short article? If not, remove it and start over. You can use the following subject line formulas to guide you:

Pay attention to the length of your topic. Shorter headlines get more clicks. Most people use cell phones to read their emails on the go; if the subject line is too long, they won’t see all the words and most likely won’t click to read. The perfect subject line should contain up to eight words.

Use “strong words” in your emails. When you use strong words in the subject line, they can capture the interest of the viewer, which means they are more likely to click.

Say no to clickbait. Avoid irritating subject lines unless you want to be marked as spammers by their readers or email providers. This means your unread emails will be delivered

3. Fix bugs and broken external links
Broken external links, as the name suggests, are links that go nowhere or cause errors for the user. This can result in a 404 error page.

Error 404 page:

The last thing you need on your website during peak shopping is broken links. Maybe you are busy sharing other links from your website, or there are some old pages you forgot that you removed. Unattended broken links can cause you to lose sales and traffic if you forget to check your website.

You can easily find these broken external links using tools like Ahrefs or Google Tag Manager.

Use this detailed guide to help you find and fix broken external links the right way so you can start promoting your website without any hiccups on Black Friday.

    4. Have a clear and easy return policy :

Black Friday may be about sales, but it’s also about profits. An estimated 52% of people have bought something on sale that they later regret. 30% of shoppers intentionally buy too much and then return unwanted items and 19% admit to ordering multiple versions of the same item so they can make a decision after delivery.

You can expect a customer return during and after the holiday season.

Before people complete an order or add items to their cart, shoppers review your return policy. The only bad thing about a bad return policy is the nonexistent policy, which can drive shoppers away as soon as they arrive. Ready Cloud says that 66% of shoppers say the better a return policy, the more willing they are to buy.

Online shoppers can’t get their hands on your product, and no one wants to buy something that doesn’t fit or look awful. Flexible return policy gives them peace of mind when shopping.

This can also help reduce cart abandonment.

For 30 days, return free of charge for all products sold from your store and compare the amount of sales generated during that 30-day period with sales generated earlier. Then, deduct the cost-of-profit from the increased sales volume to determine if a flexible return policy is suitable for your margins.

You can also specify geographic locations for which customers are eligible for your return policies. Check out how TopShop offers UK customers free returns. It is placed on their product pages so that customers can buy with confidence in mind.

  1. Provide reliable customer support

Online shoppers expect reliable customer service, especially during holiday sales. LivePerson did a study that found that 83% of online shoppers actively seek help when they shop online at a store.

Lack of customer service on a website will only put your shoppers in doubt and make them unsure about completing a purchase. If a brand isn’t available prior to the sale, chances are it won’t be available after the sale.

Optimize your website with live chats, email support, and a detailed FAQ page so customers have peace of mind that if they need help, you’ll be there.

Frequently Asked Questions for Ecommerce

Even if you only provide support for your website via email, provide customer service on your social media pages so your customers can feel like they’ll be heard regardless of their connection. How to contact you and customer service on social networks


You’ve got it – five ways to optimize your eCommerce store for Black Friday.

There’s a lot of competition for sales leading up to Christmas. So once you’ve optimized your website, consider other sales and marketing channels that you might need to improve to increase your website’s sales opportunities.

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