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Top 10 tips to speed up your Joomla performance ( part 2)

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Speed Up Joomla To Improve Site Performance

In the part 1, I had just introduced the very forth tips on how to speed up Joomla performance. I will show the rest of list in this part. Hope you find it useful!

5. Joomla compression

Joomla provides Gzip compression and it is so easy to enable by navigating to System >> Global Configuration >> Server. Then enable Gzip Page Compression and click Save

6. Optimize CSS and Javascript

You can improve your frontend performance as well as download times by concatenating your CSS and Javascript files. If your site is running over https, it is no necessary. If you do not sure about what is your site running, use KeyCDN’s HTTP/2 test tool.

Joomla does not support this function but it is still OK if you choose extensions from third-party, quality is also good.

7. Clean up Joomla

During the using process, you might cope with some problems where your database tables need to be repaired and optimized. In fact, Joomla does not provide a feature built-in for this but you can use PhpMyAdmin instead.

Repair MySQL DB Tables

In PhpMyAdmin, click your database and choose the table you want to repair. On the dropdown, click Repair Table

Optimize MySQL DB Tables

It is almost the same as repair MySQL DB Tables, in PhpMyAdmin, click your database and choose the table. On the dropdown, click Optimize Table

8. Browser Caching

You can enable browser caching by editing the page cache plugin. This tells the browser whether they should request a file from the server or grab it from the browser’s cache.

Navigate to Extensions >> Plugins, Cache is in this large list and then click the System – Page Cache plugin. Enable Use Browser Caching and hit Save.

9. Speed Optimization Extensions

If you are wanting to take your Joomla site one step further you might want to check out these additional Joomla extensions which offer additional ways to boost your website’s performance.

  • jQuery Easy (Call jQuery from Google CDN or locally)
  • LLFJ – Lazy load your images, prevent additional HTTP requests until the user scrolls down
  • Javascript Async and Defer – Improve your page loading time by allowing javascript loading asynchronously
  • ScriptsDown – Move your scripts down to the bottom of the page

10. Choose Fast Web Hosting

Last but not least, if a tree is green, its root must be strong. Choosing a reliable and fast web host is so important for any Joomla web owners. Let’s stay away cheap shared hosting because they tend to overcrowd their servers and you will end up sharing resources between hundreds of people. Paid host will be in complete control of your resources.

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