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Top 10 tips to speed up your Joomla performance ( part1)

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Speed Up Joomla To Improve Site Performance

It is so crucial and urgent to boost your Joomla website’s speed because all problems such as card abandon, bad user experience, etc. are caused by the speed on site. It can be considered as the determinant of how good your traffic, revenue, and even your SEO rankings are. Some case studies about loading time on page:

  • When average page load times of Shopzilla was reduced from 6 seconds to 1.2 seconds, sale revenue increased by 12%
  • For each 400ms of improvement, traffic of Yahoo increased by 9%
  • For each 100ms of improvement, sale revenue of Amazon increased by 1%
  • Google announced that they lost 20% of their traffic for each additional 100 milliseconds more for loading.

Following are some tips about how to speed up your Joomla performance:

1. The latest version

The reason why you should update the latest version is that version will contain fixes such as code improvements and speed enhancements and make sure extensions used be upgraded.

Update Joomla Core

To update, you click the notification UPDATE NOW on your dashboard or you navigate to Components >> Joomla! Update. Don’t forget to back up your website

Update Joomla extensions

You navigate to Extensions >> Manage >> Update

10 Tips to Speed Up Joomla Performance (1)

2. Content Delivery Network

One feasible and easy way to speed up Joomla is implementing a Content Delivery Network or CDN. It will make sure that your Joomla assets from multiple locations are delivered faster to your visitors. After integrating Joomla CDN successfully, the static content will be delivered from the 25 points of presence. No extra fee for Asia and Oceania location. Traffic spikes will easily be handled by the CDN and KeyCDN supports HTTP/2 for even faster content delivery.

3. Joomla Cache

Joomla comes with some pretty powerful caching built-in. The cache is a way of serving pre-generated content to your users and it will not require the server to look up all information requested in the database every time a page is requested. I will provide you two steps to enable Joomla cache:

Step 1: Enable Cache setting in Global Configuration

Navigate to System >> Global Configuration >> System, choose among two options

Step 2: Enable Joomla system cache plugin

Navigate to Extensions >> Plugins. Cache is in this large list and then enable the System – Page Cache plugin.

10 Tips to Speed Up Joomla Performance (3)4. Image Optimization

A study revealed that 56% of a website’s page weight is images. Therefore, if you spend time to optimize all images on your pages, the load time will be improved considerably. Although Joomla does not provide the built-in option for image compression, you can compress and resize beforehand in a tool like PhotoShop or Joomla extensions, I highly appreciate the EIR – Easy Image Resizer extension.

To be continued…

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