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Tips To Improve User Experience Of Your Ecommerce Site

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In every business sector, the customer always is king. For ecommerce, bringing the best experience for customers is the key to lead a company to success.  The good customer experiences will help an ecommerce website can significantly improve the conversion. To understand why user experience is very important for conversion, let’s see a couple of examples below.

These examples were taken from Cost-Justifying Usability: An Update for an Internet Age.

  • Your sales can rise by up to 225% when you improve user experience and provide adequate product information at the right moment.
  • Most software projects (63%) at large corporations run over the budget primarily because they overspend on user engineering.

So today, we will talk about how to improve the user experiences of an ecommerce site. Here are some advices that you should consider to make your user experiences of your site much better.

1/ Go Mobile Friendly

Did you know that over 52% of all eCommerce traffic now comes via mobile device or tablet? This number continues to increase rapidly. Few month ago, Google has begun to evaluate the mobile-friendliness is one of the criteria for evaluating ranking position on google.com. So, creating a mobile-friendly website will help to bring a better experience for customers who using mobile devices.

2/ Choose Colors Deliberately

Color is a very important aspect in the design of a website. A survey by Kissmetrics revealed that blue was the favorite color among women, whereas the color orange was voted as their least favorite. This suggests that the selection of appropriate colors for your website will also contribute to improving the user experience.

3/ Add Definitive Calls-to-Action

Using the highlighting a prominent call-to-action button is a great way to improve conversion rates. This will help customer deciding to buy product faster than waiting until they make their decisions.

4/ Offer Something in Exchange for Actions

This is the way that you can give a nudge for your customers and make them taking the purchasing actions you desire.  Sims 3 – the gaming website, they was increased their registrations by 128 percent because they tweaked their text from “sign up now” to “Register you’re Game and Get a Free Town Now!”

5/ Include the Product Reviews

Discover the informations of the product are a thing that all customers are doing when they want to buy a product. The product review is one of the information that they want to see first. There is a real experience with FigLeaves, including product reviews to their website increased conversions by a healthy 35 percent.

6/ Highlight Your Customer Testimonials

Same with product reviews, the customer testimonials are the informations that customers always pay attention to. It will help you alot in enhancing the trust of customers. WikiJob was proven this point. WikiJob’s website had several testimonials, but they were indiscrete and at the bottom of the home page.The conversions went up by 34 percent when the testimonials were made more apparent on top.

7/ Allow Seamless Navigation

An example with Zen Windows, their original design was a pain to navigate. And the conversion jumped from 0.75 percent to 2.95 percent when they redesigned their website and kept navigation in mind. Certainly will not have any customers want to use a website with the complicated navigation or difficult to use.

8/ Give Security Assurance

7.6 percent is the number of conversion boosted after Oriental Furniture started displaying its security seal. Clicking on the seal revealed that they were protected for up to $10,000 in case there was data theft. With ecommerce, the security is one of the issues that are top priorities for customers. Ensuring security for clients will help they feel safe and it can also help you get better sales.

9/ Introduce Proactive Chats

Proactive chat is the good way to remove any doubts, and also offer instant solutions to any problems customers have. Proactive chats can make the user experience more positive.

When Intuit introduced a proactive chat in its checkout process, the conversions increased to 211 percent for precisely this reason.

10/ Display Prices Clearly

The clearly of prices help customers feel more comfortable when buying products. They will know exactly how much they should spend for their purchase; they will not be surprised when prices were higher than expected because of the external costs.

An example from SafeSoft, they offered one page without pricing and another that clearly mentioned the price. The result was surprised; they get the doubling of lead generation after this simple change.

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