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The comparison data of E-Commerce Benchmark with  VirtueMart- OpenCart – Drupal Commerce

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We have come halfway through our ecommerce benchmarking tests, where we grade a wide range of open source ecommerce platforms for performance. First is VirtueMart, which is an e-commerce extension for the Joomla content management system.

For the first time ever, I predicted VirtueMart to be an independent e-commerce platform. The official VirtueMart website also doesn’t mention Joomla on the front page or VirtueMart as an extension. It’s funny because VirtueMart’s official Twitter page shows that information but their official website doesn’t.

Out of all the online stores I’ve come across, VirtueMart is the hardest to set up. Many times I had to reinstall not only VirtueMart but Joomla as well. I keep getting the dreaded PHP “white screen of death” when I visit product pages. This is partly attributed to the lack of the php-xml package.

After solving that problem, I was greeted by a store with dead links! I had to fix those manually in the VirtueMart backend.

If you decide to use VirtueMart, I recommend hiring someone who knows what they’re doing. A graphic designer is also not a bad idea as the VirtueMart out of the box lacks aesthetic. After all, it’s just an extension.

Trial phase:

Using LoadStorm load test tool, we did a test phase on VirtueMart to compare it to other ecommerce platforms. The following charts show the results of our load test

Test results are quite consistent, but does that mean VirtueMart’s scores are high? We estimate sustainable scalability up to 1012 VUser concurrently based on our criteria.


We saw a sharp increase in performance error after 10 minutes. Most are the Connection Request timeout error, which means that some VUser are having trouble even establishing an HTTP connection with VirtueMart.

Other issues point to an almost immediate spike in the 15-second peak response time near the top of the test. All it takes is a slow resource and you’ll get unusually long time.

What will lower VirtueMart’s score significantly relative to other platforms is its average response time. Unlike peak response times, the average response time is definitely kept low. With an average response time of 10.06 seconds, that will severely impact VirtueMart’s score.

It seems that VirtueMart also scored the lowest among all the e-commerce platforms tested to date. With a score of 54.28, it doesn’t look pretty. There are still two ecommerce platforms left for testing.

Benchmart- Opencart

The second that I want to suppose is The Opencart

I’ve never tried Opencart or Drupal Commerce so all bets are still going.

OpenCart is another free and open source ecommerce solution for the casual user. When you search for “OpenCart” on Google, you will be surprised by what comes up. The first result is in the opencart.us domain, not the domain we’ll be testing because it’s exclusive. OpenCart is really the second item: http://www.opencart.com/

If you missed out on our previous articles, we will score six different ecommerce platforms based on web performance. We continue our e-commerce benchmarking series by giving you a glimpse of OpenCart by scoring it on the same standards as our Magento store in the first blog post.


Installing OpenCart was harder than I expected. I have a problem just at the end of the OpenCart setup phase. For a typical PHP site, you get an indication that your installation has been successful. I get no signs of success or failure.

All I get is that the browser’s white screen is terrifying not showing PHP errors.

After a few more installs and going through the Apache error log, I discovered something was missing. There is a function in the php-mbstring package that is missing from the server. Once that problem has been resolved, I can continue to check out the live demo store.

Demo Store OpenCart:

OpenCart demo store is easy on the eyes just like WooCommerce demo store. There’s an immediate and modern appeal to the theme and the template shop available. It’s funny, as this isn’t the first time there’s a Galaxy S tab in the model store. I have created a client account to generate the necessary scripts for the testing process. Then it’s time to download the store test.

The test chosen for the OpenCart score turned out to be test # 1 again. It has an average response time of 9.6 seconds and an estimated scalability of 912 VUser concurrently. The WebPageTest results for first load time are distributed as follows:

1.51 seconds at the 0-minute mark

21.0 seconds at the 30-minute mark

104 seconds at 55 minutes

How do these metrics contribute to OpenCart’s scores?

OpenCart is currently ranked second in terms of overall performance. The two culprits that cause OpenCart to receive low scores are as follows:

Average WebPageTest First View load times

Estimated scalability (using the scalability criterion)

I expected OpenCart to score high because of its design approach, but it wasn’t. If you are looking for instant web performance, then OpenCart is not your choice.

Benchmart- Drupal Commerce

The final testable e-commerce platform is coming soon. Sign up next week for the ultimate web store, Drupal Commerce and web performance winner!


Drupal Commerce is the last stop on our tour of e-commerce platforms. Drupal is a free content management system and Drupal Commerce is an extension that allows you to build an online store with Drupal. This setup is similar to WooCommerce and Virtuemart, both of which rely on their own content management systems.

If you missed out on our previous articles, we are testing six different ecommerce platforms and scoring them based on web performance. We continue our e-commerce benchmarking series by giving you a glimpse of the outbound Drupal Commerce and scoring it against the same load testing standards as our factory Magento shop in first blog post.


To streamline the setup, I decided to use a package called Commerce Kickstart that contains a single package for both Drupal and Drupal Commerce. So you don’t have to worry about installing content management system and extensions. How easy it is!

Commerce Kickstart is one of the easiest e-commerce packages to set up, like the Magento and osCommerce plans. There is one obvious difference in Drupal Commerce: there are no prototypes! This was surprising because the front page (shown below) clearly displayed a slideshow of a fake product.

Drupal Commerce home page

Every other store has some kind of sample, even if it’s just garden tools. In the end I had to take some time to add sample items. I used a wide range of sizes and image qualities to mimic diversity in a typical online store.

Curiously, the example store comes with catalogs. So I definitely “stockpiled” the items into those categories. I’m ready to load the test after adding an acceptable amount of the product.

Trial phase

Drupal Commerce Test # 1

Drupal Commerce Test # 2

Drupal Commerce Test # 3

At 3 minutes after every three tests that were run, we consistently saw a spike in performance error rates. The majority of those performance flaws are those that require connection timeout, meaning that the load engines can’t even establish a connection to the target server, Drupal.

Amazon Web Services can be blamed for this. The server then had a problem early with about 350 VUsers. We expect higher scalability for the large Amazon EC2. So it’s like we’re missing a larger piece of the puzzle that needs investigation.


Drupal Commerce transcript

Drupal Commerce got a score of 55.7 out of 100. This puts Drupal Commerce at the lower end of the ranking. Scores would be better for Drupal Commerce without the lack of WebPageTest repeat views metrics. We can’t retest due to the time limit, but we are assuming a value of 60 seconds for all repeater views. This prevents Drupal Commerce from being unfairly ranked as the worst in performance.

At this point, we’ve tested six different open source e-commerce platforms.

Magento Community Edition





Drupal Commerce

Since they are all free and open source, you can also try each of them yourself. Further analysis of the tests will be performed to bring out the final rating of all the e-commerce platforms tested. Come back next time and see how each platform ranked!

The information was taken from the Loadstorm website to summary and wirte again!

Look for more post at: https://virtuemart.club/

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