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The Comparison between VirtueMart and Hikashop

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Joomla is the CMS to leverage and to build world-class websites, the sheer amount of extensions on Joomla provide a way to achieve what you could dream of creating a website.

So in this article, we are discussing the two most popular ecommerce Joomla extensions used to create an online store on your Joomla website.

Let’s go ahead and get started.


VirtueMart is the most popular eCommerce extension for Joomla. It’s easy to use for professionals and beginners and it has thousands of built-in features to create your store professionally.


To make your business unique. Do you need a specific feature? Using Virtuemart helps you a lot … the ability to extend the functionality of VirtueMart by adding Components, Templates, Plugins and Modules that help you do everything.

There are many add-ons available for Virtuemart that can be used to enhance the functionality of your online store.

Having many the product of Virtuemart , So, we develop a product for the company, That was called Virtuemart. Virtuemart template club brings the incalculable value for any Virtuemart ecommerce stores with entire template collection integrated powerful Virtumart extensions. Virtuemart template club is the amazing deal for Virtuemart users of any skill levels.

The Virtuemart Model Club is built on a value-based strategy that offers more than you pay for. This is a common home with many special advantages for developers running multiple sites.

Download all Virtuemart templates:

All of our Virtuemart models are carefully designed in-house, specializing in expertise

Spectacular shopping style and specific online business, socustomers can easily adapt to their current business.

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Parent and Child Category

Easily manage SEO with meta tags.

Manage Categories by description and media

Shopping group

Set prices for respective groups of shoppers.

The price shown depends on the group of shoppers

Manage payment / delivery depending on the Buyers group


Customize customer input form according to your selection.

Add functionality, where we can add a signup form at the time of checkout or delivery

Features that users can pay as a Guest, no registration required

Address book

Set the default Pickup and Delivery addresses.

Set the default shipping and payment method.


Easily manage Meta tags for SEO

Add short and long descriptions to products.

Function to add dimensions (weight, dimensions) to the product

More media (Image, video, pdf)

Unlimited subproducts and derivative levels

Product model (The parent product is used as a model for child products)

Inventory / In Stock

Manage inventory using controls

Add a warning message when the product is out of stock

Virtual shares (ordered but not purchased in the end)


Choose a currency according to your needs. (Euro, Dollar, etc.)

Real multi-currency

Automatically update rates

The manufacturer’s media handler

Product Reviews and ratings are integrated by default for SEO / SEF

Discounts based on time, category, buyer group, country and state

Taxes are based on category, period, buyer group, country, and state

Add discounts and taxes for each product.

Repayment and shipping option.

Functional testing

Payment of guests

Requires customer to register at the time of payment

Generate multi-page payments

Processing orders through backend

Payment / delivery process

Every payment made is confidential, we have a history of once payments have been made and an option to modify

Order processing user interface

Track Orders for Users.

Sample treatment

We may use different models depending on the Category / Product

Marketing tools and promotions

Function to add coupons

Recommend a product for friend link.

Here some features for the Virtuemart, we will continue with Hika –shop.


Hika-Shop is another complex e-commerce platform. It is built to be simple and flexible. Hikashop makes great use of Joomla’s MVC structure, with the ability to edit the view of the component in their dashboard.



An option to set the level of access to products, variations, categories, prices, discounts, and coupons


Currency Format automatically updated.

Geolocation helps to set the default currency.

Geographical location

Blacklist of areas using geolocation

Geolocation information for users and orders.

Customize the field

Custom fields for orders, items, and entries, and a custom file type.

File importer as a product

Upload products using import options. (Pdf, zip, etc.)

Notification function

Notice is out of stock

PayPal payment integration

Vote & comment function

Link function

The link function will only work when the link plugin is enabled.

Wish list

In the wish list function, customers can share their wish list with others.

RSS feed function

Isn’t it difficult!! Hope the comparison will help you to choose what’s best for you. Are you still confused? Don’t worry, read the conclusion, it will definitely help you out a bit.


Virtue mart is the most popular extension. It is the best solution for Joomla ecommerce. Hika shop is a good e-commerce component but we believe in the Virtue Mart e-commerce platform … Because Virtue mart has a responsive design, the shopping cart is highly convertible. Virtue Mart is the perfect solution for Joomla. Both are written in PHP and can be used in a typical PHP / MySQL environment. One major advantage of CMS compatibility is … it requires almost no technical skills or knowledge to manage. One more reason compared to Hika Shop, because Virtue Mart has more developed communities, forums, articles, support pages … Making the business development always becoming our purpose.

The idea was taken from joomdev , we fix and summary to make this post.

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