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The Best Shopping Cart To Use With Joomla

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Online shopping is everyone’s preferred choice, so businesses want to run shopping cart websites flexibly. Joomla-based websites can be the right one as it delivers relevant results for the user. However, they need support from Joomla extensions to make eCommerce sites work very well. Nowadays, we can see the number of eCommerce extensions online so there’s no need to feel anxious about choosing the best Joomla extensions. Here, we will take a look at some of The Best Shopping Cart To Use With Joomla in 2020. Let’s check out now.

The Best Shopping Cart To Use With Joomla

  1. Hika Shop – Best Shopping Cart


HikaShop is the Best Shopping Cart you should use with Joomla. It’s an extension of the Joomla cart and it offers a number of useful benefits to its users. If we want to develop an eCommerce website with HikaShop, then we must have knowledge of HTML and CSS to improve the results. Obviously, HikaShop is suitable for international sales so developers would love to choose this extension. It also offers multilingual support and payment gateways.

  1. Eshop – Best Online Shopping Cart For Small Business

Eshop is another quality Joomla shopping cart extension and it’s also free to use. It is developed on top of the intense Joomla MVC architecture. It is user friendly, so it is necessary to learn anything new in order to work on it. We can easily install it and even add products without any hassle. The Eshop Joomla extension is responsive and powerful. Here, the payment methods are also simple, so users can target this extension with confidence.

  1. Virtuemart – Best Shopping Cart For WordPress


We always wanted to choose a standard extension to run our website without any problems, so we could use VirtueMart. This is one of the great Joomla extensions because it’s open source and there’s no need to spend money on it. This extension is quite simple to customize, but takes some time to collaborate on new technologies. It contains a good interface and quality architecture so better performance is guaranteed. It offers SEO support, and even a payment option is fine with VirtueMart. VirtueMart overhaul is possibly the best choice of any ecommerce site developer.

  1. J2Store – Best WordPress Shopping Cart

J2Store is a free extension and it doesn’t even require any difficult registration process. Developers prefer to use this extension these days because it offers more features than many premium extensions. Some of the main features of the J2Store extension are responsive design, modern pricing option, multi-language, product list class, powerful matching or variant generator, custom order status and order statistics in the dashboard.

  1. JoomShopping – Best Free Shopping Cart

The JoomShopping extension is popular and the Best Shopping Cart because it is very professional to use. It provides many useful functions to increase online sales quickly. In addition, this extension is free and offers many exclusive features. It supports many automatic payment methods and it even allows users to add any new payment method. It is as simple as managing multiple categories and products. It is also multilingual and offers tax administration and delivery management.

  1. Phoca Cart – Best Shopping Cart For Website

Phoca Cart is a proprietary eCommerce extension and this is great for Joomla and it was developed by a modern responsive bootstrap library. There are a lot of features available in the Phoca Cart extension so that users can use it to improve e-commerce sites. The general features of this extension are responsive architecture, unlimited products, comparison list, automatic image resizing, coupons, shopping cart discount, multiple tariffs, means payment method and others.

  1. DigiCom – Best Online Shopping Cart

DigiCom is an excellent digital downloadable extension, and it’s free. This extension helps users get some valuable features like bundle sale, one-time sale, powerful reporting, great expandable and more. DigiCom helps users to simply sell certain products such as themes, music, art, books and other products online.

It offers one-click installation so that users don’t have to follow a difficult protocol to customize this extension. It has a huge library of add-ons so that users can simply customize new pages. Users can run an online shopping cart using this extension as it includes all the necessary tools. It allows users to showcase their products with attractive effects. Users can buy for free with installation instructions.

  1. Sellacious – Best Open Source Shopping Cart

Sellacious is a Joomla extension that is completely free and makes a great choice for increasing your online sales. This extension is simple to install and is clearly an efficient user interface. The Sellacious extension has a multi-layered dealer store, and it offers benefits like enterprise-grade management for vendors and employees. The Sellacious extension team is currently devoting time to EasySocial Integration.

  1. Instant PayPal Pro Shop – Best Ecommerce Shopping Cart

The Instant PayPal Pro Shop is a valuable Joomla extension and it allows ordinary brochures websites to be efficient eCommerce websites. Users can sell products through PayPal without any difficulty. It’s a better extension for Joomla based websites but users have to spend money on it.

  1. Quick2Cart – Best Shopping Cart For Ecommerce

Quick2Cart is a simple and flexible Joomla extension and it simply offers multiple vendors, multiple stores, and other effective social integrations. It can be effective for large eCommerce websites. This extension has a special option on native product manager and it allows users to integrate with several CCKs like K2, Zoo and Joomla content.


Above are 10 Best Shopping Cart To Use With Joomla in 2020. Each shopping cart extension has different powerful and flexible features. You can review and choose for yourself the most suitable shopping cart. Hope this article helps you.

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