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Should choose the Virtuemart or Woocomerce for the business?

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Are you having trouble deciding between Virtuemart and Woocommerce?  You are finding the best solution for the business. After all, both are popular shopping platforms and, once properly chosen, can be beneficial for any type of eCommerce business. If you’re still looking for the best fit of the two, analyze the key aspects in which they differ – pricing, store management, and personalization. Keep reading and it will be easy for you to make your choices after the last paragraph.

How to deal with it ?

VirtueMart is an open source eCommerce solution for Joomla software. In other words, you must set up Joomla and install the VirtueMart cart. The shopping cart is written in PHP and uses the MySQL backend database. It contains products, custom fields with variable prices, product categories, photos, orders and customers. Its outstanding features will allow you to start an electronics store without installing any additional modules. Some of the best features include:

Unlimited number of products, types and types of customers. Order history and inventory reports are also available,

Set up flexible pricing rules. You can set different prices for the same product depending on the customer group,

A system of coupons and discounts along with many product display options (most sold, most featured, newest) will allow to attract more customers to your store,

SEO features include search engine friendly links, meta keywords, and meta description. So it will help you to achieve top Google rankings and bring you new customers,

Multiple payment options like one-page checkout, one-click payment and even guest checkout are available to make your customer shopping experience positive,

The platform is translated into dozens of languages ​​and supports tax rates by country or state. That’s why you’ll be able to run your business around the world.

In contrast, Woocommerce is one of the most popular and most talked about free WordPress plugins. It allows store owners to sell both digital and physical products, control inventory, make secure payments, and arrange automatic prices. With great flexibility and unlimited free access to hundreds of premium WordPress extensions, WooCommerce now offers 30% of all online stores – more than any other platform. Here is the set of its amazing benefits to be proud of:

The famous intuitive WordPress theme implies that you don’t need to spend time and nerves exploring all the nooks and crannies of your admin dashboard – everything is simple and on the surface, like in one. number of video game menu types.

Useful business reports will help you check product sales and determine which items are profitable for you.

Marketing tools include customer product reviews, flash banners and coupon system. Furthermore, WooCommerce will provide your product pages with automatic cross-sell, add-on and related items.

Convenient customer and order management system will allow you to operate your store in the most efficient way.

WooCommerce inherits all of the SEO features of WordPress along with extensive content management capabilities, so it should be no problem making your store search engine friendly.

Many add-ons and compatibility with different WordPress themes give you a wide variety of design options and functionality – if you feel that some features are missing, just find the appropriate extension.

In general, the choice is always dependent on the individual needs of the seller. But if you ask 5 speakers, 3 of them will affirm that WooCommerce has many advantages over VirtueMart. The main reason is that Woo is a WordPress plugin. It gives you more access to the vast growing community, and you can easily customize the site to your own needs. There are many applications to integrate.


Let s take a look , if you want to know more about two eCommerce solutions, decide which one is of higher quality, better support, and features to run a profitable store from the startups for to large businesses.

VirtueMart vs Woocommerce: Is there the best one?

VirtueMart is good for e-Business beginners. But if you want something more than “out of the box” functionality, then this requires additional developer work. The VirtueMart invoicing and inventory system is not the best option. WooCommerce with different APIs for adding extensions, rich document library is a much better way. That’s why moving VirtueMart to WooCommerce is becoming more and more popular.

Types of goods for sale

There is no limit to what you can sell with VirtueMart and Woocommerce. But the latest version of VirtueMart doesn’t include the ability to sell downloadable products. You must have the Download plugin set up for sale in order to do so. It gets paid and that’s the main issue.


With Woocommerce, there’s no need to limit the commercial process to physical goods only – you can easily sell digital products, your time, tickets to events, and more. Create members and let customers feel their importance. Think of them as part of something unique as if they were allowed to uncover their inner secrets and buy something other people couldn’t afford. Here it is never a problem to add a new kind of merchandise to the store or come up with all the new and ambitious ideas.


Payment gateway is available

The VirtueMart checkout process is very complicated and the list of payment gateways is not too long. Eventually, you will gain support. VirtueMart payment gateways include Klarna, Skrill, Heidelpay, TalentsfromIndia, eWAY, Sofort, CODESTATT, Paymill, PayPal, DIBS, Amazon, Xtreem Solution, Orion Infosolutions and others.


How about the Woocommerce. PayPal, 2Checkout, RazorPay PayU, FreeCharge, CCAvenue, Instamojo, Citrus, Mobikwik, Atom, COD. Plus Indian shipping methods: DHL, FedEx, USPS, AfterShip, Build your own. Use the Stripe WooCommerce plugin and accept direct in-store payments for web and mobile. With Stripe, customers stay in your store during checkout instead of redirecting to an externally hosted checkout page. It increases conversion rates and helps users enter their payment data quickly and accurately.


Create an audience

Are you tired of spending hours researching and developing products through markets, communities and trending websites to understand what is the secret that encourages people to choose your product? Good marketing means a lot when it comes to deals. And in this match VirtueMart vs Woocommerce, the second person wins. See why.


If you want customers to be able to find your products on search engines, you need to optimize your product pages. With the WordPress editor, you can easily change your content, URLs, meta descriptions, replacement tags, and other options to improve your product pages even without coding skills. There are more customization possibilities here. WooCommerce is built on a blogging platform so it has more blogging potential

In the modern world, it is impossible to work without technology, including mobile devices. But many platforms cannot provide this functionality. That’s why mobile friendliness is another benefit of WooCommerce. Wherever you are – get business in a few taps.

Email marketing is the best solution for some tips for the business.  It is like an extra bonus from Woocommerce. Reach customers right in their inbox, integrate with MailChimp and others to get in touch with customers with just one click.


Considering SEO, the main benefit of the VirtueMart extension is that it uses a meta tag to organize products and provide user-friendly URLs. This will help in website link optimization for search engines a lot. That’s not a single feature, but you have to understand: the platforms are at different levels. Â Once you feel that you are not getting enough from your current shopping cart, consider opening a store again.

Design ability

At first glance, the Joomla templates and WordPress themes seem the same. Hence, there are a few significant differences.


Joomla templates are very easy to install. That’s why VirtueMart is better for beginners. But if you are not new in eBusiness, there won’t be enough to differentiate them from the competition and secure your company space to escalate.


Expert woocommerce

All estore owners use templates to create custom effects. If the themes are responsive and easy to customize, the more likely they are to attract customers. And the more templates you have, the better. Woocommerce offers lots of sparkling themes.


Joomla templates

Many of them are free and easy to find in the WooThemes Store. And if that’s not enough, you can choose another one from the WordPress listings. The function is very easy, you just need to choose the right theme, make changes to match the CSS style and color them. Multiple options will create an accurate look at the company’s branding.


When intuition is not just a myth

Simple installation is one of the main features of good platforms. Large numbers of online traders are average users without any technical skills. Therefore, the easiest process is the most common.


VirtueMart offers many features useful for store management: shopper groups, multiple pricing options, coupons, and built-in SEO, but there are some issues with installation and configuration. It’s complicated for novice users because VirtueMart is not a visual platform. So get ready to give work to a developer. Completely user-friendly is the reason why customers love Woocommerce. Even an absolute novice will deal with Woo launching him when he drops his hat.

Functions for e-commerce success

When it comes to functionality, VirtueMart certainly has substantial market experience. Its built-in features will allow to start eshop without installing any additional modules. The best of them are:


+) not limited to products, categories and types of customers;

+) price flexibility;

+) discount system;

+) search engine friendly links, meta keywords and meta description;

+) translated into many languages

+) tax rates by country or state.

Now, let’s see the Woocommerce features. This e-commerce solution:

+) save your time, as there is no need to explore everything on your admin panel;, all is simple and superficial

+) provide business reports to control sales and decide which products benefit you

+) includes customer product reviews, flash banners and coupon systems to give your product pages automated cross-sell, add-on and related items

+) have convenient customer and order management system;

+) gives you great SEO features for increased engine friendliness;

+) offers many WordPress themes and niche extensions.

In conclusion, both of virtuemart and woocommerce bring so many benefit for the business. Let s choose the best one that is suitable with your product and the budget that we have. Do not choose for the trend , we keep to attracting the technology and forward the company of technology where we can trust the product of Virturmart or Woocommerce.

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