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Security Release VirtueMart 3.0.8

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The final and unimpaired version of VirtueMart, VM 3.0.8 has finally been released after the release of other short-term versions. What really happened in the meantime is something you might be interested in knowing and we are definitely interested in letting our followers know. Joomla developers brought the best out of our times and skill and made us release the temporary versions to satiate the needs of our followers.

We had to give an immediate response to different problems face by Joomla for example the complaint about the dangerous file, “uploader.swf”. It was reported that this file was distributed by Joomla and users only get rid of it after updating Joomla. What we did was not only to remove the file from our package but also provide our users with a remove option in our install and update function. This made it easier to make sure you don’t acquire this dangerous file.

3.4.1 Version was then released after we successfully adjusted the toolbar JavaScript to Joomla 3.4.0 to meet the less concerned issues however the more obvious reason for this seems like to be the Joomla’s new policy of not having short and long term releases. Also it seems to be less obvious on the features that should be added in minor update versions and since it has more evolving team, it is better for it keep record of the knowledge in the form of some defined rules. As for now, Joomla equally concentrates on the compatibility of the minor releases along with ensuring that the program is not just stable but runs the same way as before. A few other problems related to routing of the language and canonical urls are still on our plate to be addressed.

The new version has emerged successfully after a lot of hard work. The bugs have been fixed and it includes a lot other added features e.g. an undeniably important option for Multi variants which informs you of the correct number of rows for the browse page. Also the vmbeez template has been made mobile friendly and there is a greater convenience for handling address in the cart now. We have also enables the Virtuemart Text language to be understood easily and have provided an extra option to “is list” for custom fields S and M. There are a lot more features for your convenience and ease and to make your experience a worthy one.

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