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Printmart Virtuemart Template – Perfect Template for Online Printing Company

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In our today’s society, technology information industry mushrooms, customers tend to use high-technology equipment and place orders to a web-to-print company so as to satisfy their demand with some products such as flyers, brochures, mugs, T-shirts, pillows and cards…

Delivering print designs from their customers to be able to create the goods they desire as swift as possible is prerequisites of creating revenue and keeping company’s stable development. It is the reason why a printing company needs to have a highly responsive website where customers can place their orders conveniently.

Virtuemart Order Upload plugin is one of the most favorite extensions for Virtuemart and many Virtuemart developers desire to take a place in this market segmentation and have a special Joomla template for online Printing Company. Understading the demand of this potential market, CMSmart team has decided to create one of the most powerful Virtuemart templates for this market to be named as “Joomla Virtuemart Printing Company Template“.

Main Features of Joomla Virtuemart Printing Company Template

  • Virtuemart Mega menu: this feature allows both user and administrator to manage and display all kinds of information flexibly optimizing your website navigation performance. Menu involves a maximum volume of information needed for potential clients and available just at the first click. Therefore, print company could organize products and categories in an excellent way and customer access products and categories by hovering over the menu.
  • Order upload plugin: with this feature, print company easily to upload multiple images and files for their products with Ajax effects at the same time. Moreover , users are allowed to edit or remove any images and files during upload process. The most special characteristic is that it can be automatically created image files with thumbnails for products and simple for users to configure maximum file size for uploading.
  • One page check out: this is the hottest feature that Joomla Virtuemart template brings to users. The whole process of placing ordes and choosing designs extremely simple and easy for customers. Futhermore, it aslo saving a lot of time because instead of carry out six steps to fill an order, customers could finish those whole process in only one page.
  • Compatibility with smart devices: it is undoutable that responsive is the newest and outstanding feature brought to print company. The Printmart Virtuemart Template is entirely compatible with smart devices such as Smartphones and Tablets and it is one of the most responsive templates ever designed for Joomla Virtuemart in comparision to others.

From responsiveness to a highly efficient and amazing search system, Joomla Virtuemart Responsive Printing Company Template contains any features from basic to complicate that satissfy an online printing company needs because it takes all advantages of most recently introduced technology and the characteristics that Joomla Virtuemart has been offered.

All in all, Joomla Virtuemart Responsive Printing Company Template is also one of the best Virtuemart templates to have ever been created with attractive designs and containing all feature satisfying print firms’ requirements. It is obvious that Joomla Virtuemart Responsive Printing Company Template is a good destination for web-to-print company.


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