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One page checkout for Virtuemart

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One page checkout for Virtuemart

In this day and age, when advanced technology promotes multi-tasking and time-saving is a prevalent theme in many facets of our everyday life, patience has essentially become a luxury, especially for internet users. A video, that’s too long? Pass. An advertisement that runs for more than 5 seconds? Nah. An online checkout system that requires running through multiple pages and takes forever to load? No thanks. And this is exactly where One page checkout for Virtuemart comes into play. Online retailers have been struggling with the issue of shopping cart abandonment for many years, as customers become too impatient to scroll through and fill pages of information before being able to complete the purchase. With One Page Checkout for Virtuemart, however, that hassle is no more. As its name, this extension allows customers to finish checking out and make the purchase in just one page of interface, thereby saving a lot of time, and also helping retailers avoid losing customers to the dreaded shopping cart abandonment phenomenon. One Page Checkout contains all the information regularly seen in checkout pages of online retailers, but all in one page, comes with the bonus of an eye-catching and user-friendly interface. Compatibility will not be a problem anymore. All in all, for online retailers, One Page Checkout is a must-have, as those who have used this extension are reporting up to 70% increase in sales.

Do you feel curious and desire to study more about how One page checkout for Virtuemart of Cmsmart benefits your business? Here is the list of the most outstanding features

Main features:

  • Just one step:This is really the biggest feature of One page checkout for Virtuemart. Customer will be served with the easiest way to checkout, ( the original Virtuemart checkout process reduces from 6 steps to only 1 step). So, you do not have to wait for a long time to finish checkout process.
  • Increase sales. As the statistics from our survey, our users, who integrated One page checkout extension for their website revealed that it increased their sales even up to 70%. The effective of product is proved significantly when giving user simplicity and convenience.
  • Easy to use: This Virtuemart extension is easy to integrate and fully compatible with any Virtuemart website, for web owners, it is easy to install and customize any modules with many kinds of color, background color, text….Besides, it is fluent to understand and execute for everyone. It got friendly interface so people can handle it easily without the software knowledge.
  • Responsive design layout. Compatible with all screen and device such as: desktop, tablet, mobile, etc.
  • Multi payment/shipment methods. It is very convenient for you to choose
    the method to checkout wherever youare available. With shipment, all of standard Virtuemart shipment methods and popular methods like: UPS,USPS,FedEx are supported.
  • Multiple/ Customize layout: With our product, you will have modern and elegant layouts, which can easily customized color, style which drag and drop editor. So, you can have 8 preset color themes and unlimited custom layouts with only 1 product. Especially they can use visual advance editor to build responsive layout without coding! Simply and elements with drag and drop function
  • Choose delivery time at checkout process. Everybody loves a little extra! So why don’t satisfy your customers with more add-on options? They can custom hours for delivery service and pay fee for it.

That is some main features of One page checkout for Virtuemart. Beside it our products have some others feature like: Ajax login, CSS3 Animations, SEO Optimization, Translation, Block spam…


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