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One Page Checkout for Virtuemart – New version 5.0.0

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At the moment when Internet becomes more and more popular and smart devices mushrooms, trading online is just very simple to everybody. Buyers just need to stay at home, click mouse and you can buy anything they want. However, there is a survey showing that shopping cart abandonment is an epidemic in online retailing, with some companies reporting that more than 60% of checkouts end without a conversion. The main reason for this fact is that when the quality as well as the price of one product provided from variety of seller is almost the same, buyers will pay attention more to the convenience of trading service you provide. Some customers will be motivated enough to purchase regardless of how difficult it is – but others will be lost due to check-out complexity.

Catching the demand from the market, we, Cmsmart, offer a new product that is One page checkout for Virtuemart with the new updated version 5.0.0. The checkout process is most important parts of any VirtueMart website and this version is not an exceptional.

Now, let’s take a look over the outstanding features as well as the benefits One page checkout for Virtuemart Ver 5.0.0 offers to both users and visitors:


  • Customizing CSS, Jquery,Jquery, Ajax icon in fontend
  • Providing Visual Editors with Unlimited colors and layouts, Anti-Spam
  • Embed blocks which contain HTML and banner into OPC interface (in the visual editor)
  • Integrating multiple languages in OPC such as Spanish, English, French, Russian, German, Dutch, ect.
  • Improving register function
  • Totally responsive
  • Compatible with products supporting the coupon code.
  • Compatible with Virtuemart payments; shipment and the third parties.
  • Arranging Billing info and shipment address in order of displaying.
  • Compatible with any browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera or Safari, etc.


  • Reducing from 3 steps to just only one step
  • Over 50% of traffic to e-commerce sites now coming from smartphones and tablets, taking advantages of responsive will allow your customers to reach your website by any types of smart devices; therefore, there is no doubt that the amount of buyers will increase rapidly. We believe it will affect your revene immediately.
  • Users can design website on their own style with the color, background color, font family, font size… of module because we created a color board, background and size of font of Title and you choose and customize as you wish
  • Users can adjust the format of the delivery date.
  • You can customize the order displaying of the fields in the Bill To and Ship To.
  • Your One Page Checkout will become really attractive when you can insert an image into the interface of one page Checkout or show the title and you can name the title.
  • Your potential customer segmentation will spread more because a lot of language are integrated in this products
  • Easy for users to add more information, short description or images in each products as well as arrange products in the most convenient ways.


  • Customers can interact with sellers by any smart devices like smart phone, tablets or laptop
  • Visitors may save tons of time because instead of loading 3 pages, they just need to load one page and finish all the step to buy product in that step. You no need to worry about the time wasting as well as mistakes on trading
  • Customers never have to worry about the language barriers because they can choose their appropriate languages from the list
  • Availability of viewing products list and their information
  • Trading without signing or creating a account.

Video introduce Front-End of One page checkout for Virtuemart – Versions 5.0.0

So, to see full details of One page checkout Virtuemart Ver 5.0.0 or try live demo version. Please click on button below:


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