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Joomla Virtuemart Backery Template on Cmsmart

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Virtuemart Bakery Template

Nowadays, everyone always wants to save time as much as possible by shopping at home by smart devices which is connected internet. On a bed, we can visit all ecommerce websites to looking for our all thing simply and easily. One of them is bakery or pastry, there are a many kinds of bakery for customers choose without going outside, they just need to make a phone call and order to have food as they like. Moreover, the customers can order a cake as a gift for friend or relatives. So building a bakery web store is necessary to increase sales volume for your business. We are proud of releasing a product which has a lot of benefits as well as features is Joomla Virtuemart Backery Template with amazing effect and powerful extensions, one product has updated recently. Let’s take a look about this product as bellow:

Firstly, with the development of technology Joomla Virtuemart Backery Template is amazing Virtuemart template with responsive for all devices. What could me better than a template coming with sweet design and reasonable layouts and compatible for desktop, mobile, tablet, …? Your customers will be attracted by convenience when they visit your website, their device just need to access the Internet to have over view for all kind of cakes in terms of name, price, ingredient or description. All information is displayed compatible with screen size, it is arranged suitably and clearly, which will make your customers be attracted by each click.

Secondly, there are a lot of powerful extensions integrated in Joomla Virtuemart Backery Template. Besides amazing template, you will be excited by slide show revolution which is built by modern technical, it helps your site work more smoothly and impressively. Your Bakery website will be more useful with mega menu extension. Not only text but also images as well as video of product are integrated in menu, we are sure that your customers will be satisfied with the convenience when visiting your web store. Besides looking for suitable product on menu category, the customers can find in search box which is made by Ajax technology. With Ajax search Joomla Virtuemart Backery Template, the result is displayed immediately by suggest option list with name, image and price of product, which allows customers to choose quickly. Furthermore, this bakery theme brings beautiful experience by delivery date and one page checkout for Virtuemart extension. As you know, time of delivery is very important in food. We all want to save time and have product as soon as possible with high quality, so the bakery theme cannot work without delivery date function. In checkout step, customers can select date as well as time exactly, the shop owners based on that information to deliver foods reasonably. Besides selecting shipping time, the payment is made very simply with one page checkout. The shop owner will not miss any buyers because checkout process is very quick, clear and saves a lot of time. Actually, these extension make your customers come back and give you a lot of money many times.

Joomla Virtuemart Backery Template brings a lot of features for you that make your sales volume increase quickly monthly. It is very easy to use in backend as well as frontend. Install quick start packages and clear setup guide, a bakery web store will be built quickly and so easy for you using. Don’t worry about this theme, just use and you will love it.


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