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How to growth up your revenue today with using Facebook for ecommerce- Part 2

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Today, i will continue to tell you about the benefit when using Facebook to selling product and raising money from this social. So, what is the different type of facebook when using it for this purpose and how to deal with it. Lets check more information from this post.

Communicate positively with your customers

One of the great things about using Facebook is that you can communicate with your customers in the most direct way possible. They can only message you through the page, furthermore, if you are smart, you will build a closed group for your registered customers, where you can actively communicate with them.

You need prompt and real responses to questions and inquiries. Not only will your customers be satisfied if you do, but also because in the case of company pages, Facebook monitors how your response time looks and it even shows the link. fruit.


If people find that you respond within minutes in most cases, they’ll be more willing to ping you – you’ll get more of that information and you’ll have a chance to convince individual clients. more. Of course, once you have reached a certain level, you may need to hire a separate social media manager to be able to realize that, but you can be absolutely certain that it will be worth it.


You should write down incoming information and questions like you would in your customer service case. That’s how you will know:

+) Which parts of your certain campaigns deserve tweaking,

+) what you should post,

+) What kind of content is worth publishing?

+) and what kind of questions should you answer.

A proven Facebook strategy

Selling on Facebook is not easy. Here it is difficult to create much more profitable advertising than in the Google system. There’s a very simple reason for that: diversity in audience intent.

If you target keywords that match your ad in the Google system, you’ll reach people with specific and strong buying intentions. On Facebook, on the other hand, what you can hope for the most is weak purchase intent, or even nothing at all. (You can read more about segments of intent in our article covering the mysteries of e-commerce segments.)

Recommendations: a direct promotion that prompts a purchase is less effective. It is much more worthwhile to build a complete customer channel.

The following technique has worked for a lot of people, and although it requires significantly higher input power, we can only recommend giving it a try:

Focus on content-based advertisements. Create a piece of content that is useful and valuable to your target audience, and try not to sell anything at first. Write an article that is somewhat related to your product or service, but the focus should be on what the user is interested in, about their problem.

It’s great if they clicked through to your page, but you shouldn’t try to grab their wallet right away either. You will not yet create purchase intent with valuable content, only interest. You should create a decoy product: for example relevant e-books in which consumers of certain content may be interested enough to download them.

Obviously, you shouldn’t give it away for free: ask for their email address and name again. And you can start building lists right away. You can provide a download at the end of the content section.

You can then work with this list. You can automatically email users, you can communicate with them proactively, and of course you can build a private audience from them on Facebook, as we described earlier. At this point, you’ll have a much greater chance of converting, as you can build your offer well and slowly.


Some tips for managing your campaign more effectively: we’ll outline a few recent trends that will help you build and target your message.

Mobile at the forefront of e-commerce

We mentioned that you have to pay special attention to mobile devices. Nowadays, the click through rate is twice as high as is the case on a desktop computer and there is almost an even tie in the number of purchases. It is clear that the market share of mobile devices will also continue to increase in the coming years.

DPA brings higher profits

Dynamic ad returns (which we also mentioned) are often higher than traditional advertising techniques, mainly through retargeting. More people pay attention to more personalized ads, which also drive more people to click through and convert. And that is also a growing trend.

Original content is very popular

More and more original content is starting to appear on Facebook – supportive content, targeted at sales ads, is also valuable at the same time and appears on the timeline as pages have liked and shared. share of friends. You should also invest in this too, since experience shows that such quite good results can be achieved, this could be the starting point of the funnel mentioned above, for example.


Videos are becoming trendy

In the last few years, video has seen a dramatic increase in the cost of mobile advertising. We’re talking about 20-50% expansion here, and it’s no coincidence that companies and agencies spend too much on that. Follow the tips described above (and read our relevant sections) to create great videos, and follow the trend yourself.

How to manage your budget?

When planning a campaign, always point out many options. Test different ads and product categories. Obviously, it’s not worth it to promote all of your products at once – don’t spend unnecessary money on less popular and inexpensive products.

Track your one-click costs in the case of individual ads. Launch campaigns initially with a lower budget, run side by side for similar audiences, and see how they perform.

Also track page stats: it can happen that you get more clicks in a particular case, but at the same time, the higher the lead conversion rate, the higher your shopping cart value. Their purchases are higher and sooner.

Yes, this means you will have to spend a lot of time checking analytics. However, that’s the only way you can plan campaigns that are really effective, then be able to run at a profit. You shouldn’t push what doesn’t work, trust the experience.

The biggest mistakes you can make when creating Facebook ads

You are not targeting properly

If you don’t set up your audience properly, you’ll just throw money down the drain. The magic of Facebook is its one billion active users, but that’s not because you’ll have to reach everyone.

Nowadays, online interfaces are more and more used to advertise and sell exactly because although the reach is very large in the case of traditional advertising (for example on TV), coverage. Waves are also huge. Companies have paid millions to reach out – out of which only a very few are truly interested in a given product or service.

Tip: you should definitely start with a thorough segmentation, with the buyer’s personality setting. You have to find the right audience, you will have to plan targeted messages for them and then you will have to test those messages. You should only reach out to people who are truly likely to become customers later on.

You want to sell a product that is too expensive

According to studies, people have two main motivations for using Facebook. One of them is that they want to feel like they belong to a community, the other is that they want to express themselves to others.

Want to buy is not in this anywhere.

You can of course persuade your audience to buy, but to get there, you’ll probably need tools similar to the channel outlined above.

Remember that the interface is not ideal for selling all kinds of products.

If you want to sell a product or service that is too expensive, you will have a harder time since you cannot target the purchase directly.

It’s worth getting customers into the funnel with snippets of content, with bait or with your cheaper product at first – bigger offers can come later via email, even over the phone or real estate. any other way that yields the highest returns in your experience. However, you’re not going to sell an efficient car with an ad on Facebook, that’s for sure.

You are placing your ad incorrectly

You can choose from different placements on the platform, depending on whether you want to show your ad on the sidebar or on the timeline, whether you want to advertise on a desktop or on a mobile device. .

So it’s good to know that each of these positions is suitable for different things. For example, from experience, ads appearing in the right bar perform well on desktop if you run a high reach marketing campaign. You should also be aware that the size of the image here is quite small, and if you display the same image side by side on the timeline, that can decrease its effectiveness.

You should only appear on the timeline if you’re working with a strongly targeted audience, you’ll see better clickthrough rates and metrics in that case.

Being on the timeline in almost every case is worthwhile – it’s no coincidence that we emphasize how worthwhile focusing on mobile it is. Experience has shown that ads appearing in your app’s timeline deliver realistic good results all the time (provided the campaign is smartly targeted and the ads are really good).


Right now, there are very few online stores that truly exploit Facebook’s potential.

Most people simply show ads – and then they don’t understand why their product isn’t bought by non-targeted people in any way and with no intention of buying.

You can become your market leader if you spend your time and budget and build a complete customer channel based on specific strategies. For this you will need to do the analysis, will have to do a lot of planning and delve into the analysis, and you will probably also need the help of an expert.

Even then it will definitely be worth it, as you can multiply your conversions on the most popular social media platform using the techniques described above.

You might be someone who doesn’t want to take your wallet but helps your shoppers: someone people are willing to go to, someone they know and trust. And so you can be the one your competitors will be trying to catch up with in the years to come, even if you’ve just set up your Facebook strategy right now.


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