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Have An Insight Into VirtueMart Forum

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According to Wikipedia, Virtuemart is an open source e-commerce solution designed as an extension ofCMS (content management system). If you are an owner of a sale website which includes some common functions like product control, product list and shipping method, etc, you are definitely know about Virtuemart and its intensive application. However, it is so difficult for us to confidently say that we fully understand every issue relating to Virtuemart. Hence, have you ever thought about joining Virtuemart forum to share what you know and get what you have not known yet?

Let’s take a very first step with me to have an overview about Virtuemart forum. You may find out what you accidently missed.

The incredible privileges

You may never think about how much you certainly get if you are a member of Virtuemart forum (https://forum.virtuemart.net). The following points are my experiences:

  • The first thing you can see clearly when you access is its continuous update. It means that you can find out the necessary information about even the latest and oldest Virtuemart versions on the only one website. Virtuemart 1.1.x is no longer supported at the present. It is not exaggerated at all to say that all of the issues about this version were included in this part from Checkout/ Order Management, Themes and Layout to Administration and Security. Therefore, I am pretty sure that you can be satisfied with many various topics that provide you lots of advanced knowledge about Virtuemart 2 & 3.
  • On top of that, some may think that it is easy to register to a forum but difficult to find out exactly where their questions or answers should be posed. If you are thinking like this way, you may wrong about Virtuemart forum. I was surprised when I detected how much I misunderstood about it at the first time I accessed this forum. It is because all of the topics are reasonably arranged with Virtuemart General, Virtuemart 2&3 and Virtuemart 1.1.x, etc.
  • I have to say that Virtuemart forum is an active forum. You might get your answer or your feedback as soon as you had asked or shared. Furthermore, you even can get some further information relating to your issue. You will see soon how this forum effectively supports you.

The prominent names

You do not need to be an active member in order to realize some striking names like jenkinhill, Milbo, GJC Web Design.

Jenkinkill is a user name of a Global Moderator. He wrote 22564 posts (average 6 posts per day). It is enough for us to see how enthusiastic he has been for 11 years, from 2005 to 2015. Milbo is an administrator who works a lot in answering and helping other members. I personally assess that he really has a profound knowledge about Virtuemart. Try creating an account, you may get his support. GJC Web Design is the third name I would like to mention. It seems to be an account of a company which developsVirtuemart, Joomla & PHP. I discovered that you even can improve the ability of yourself and your company. You will definitely go further in your business by the way of advertising your products attached in your comments. Just like what GJC Web Design did. Why don’t you try and be one of these striking names and take off your business?

If you still bother that you are just a normal user with the concern about Virtuemart and not suitable for this professional environment, you should get to know Macallf first. He is not a member in Executive Board or a business man, however, he likes to share his experiences and discuss further with other member.

See? Virtuemart forum is for anyone and be able to satisfy what your need.

The differences amongst Virtuemart forums in different countries

Even though we do have a global forum, each country also has its own forum or group to share knowledge about Virtuemart. One of the reasons may be caused by the language barrier.

Generally, they look similar to the global one about the arrangement, topics but they still have some differences referring to the content and effectiveness. The German Virtuemart forum(http://forum.virtuemart.de/forum.php) is pretty clear and obvious. You also can see that some topics are regularly updated like Virtuemart Installation or Migration and Upgrade. Although it is not as common as the global forum, I still consider it as one of the most effective forums. Comparing to Germany, you can join some communities like http://joomla.net.vn/forums/25/, http://cmsmart.net/blog/virtuemart, etc… The issues posed seem to be similar to other forums but we have to admit that it is not professional if we do not have a central forum. Have you ever thought that you will become that pioneer?

There is a quote that “Observation is the best teacher” but I think observation without experience is not totally enough. Hence, do not hesitate to join a Virtuemart forum or community today to share and learn.Virtuemart topic on CMSmart can be a good place to consider.

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