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Send highly relevant emails to your customers and increase sales by 30%. Popular email campaigns include abandoned cart recovery, win back inactive customers, rewards program, personalized coupons, targeted newsletters, order tracking, recommendations products and more. Get Remarkety and start sending FREE emails in minutes. When using virtuemart, using Marketing email is so helpful. That can help the business make more customer from the market place.

There are many benefits to sending emails, some of the manufacturer’s software are very popular and have a lot of functions , such as:

Product introduction email

Automatically suggest products your customers might like in email. Automatically add product images, links, prices, etc.

Send coupon only

Generate unique dynamic coupons per user and email conversion tracking.

Send segmented newsletter

Segment your customers and target them by any criteria. Number of orders, specific products purchased, date, total spend, etc.

Abandoned vehicle recovery

Automatically email customers with the photo, link and price of the product they left in the shopping cart.

Increase the long-term value of customers

Remind your loyal shoppers of sales, available coupons or rewards programs.

Win back inactive customers

Send emails encouraging old customers to visit your website and buy again.

Track customer behavior

Analyze your customer behavior so that personalized email sending is more likely to lead to a sale.

Order Tracking Email

Track orders with personal emails related to previous sales.

Create your own email strategy

You can easily segment customers by behavior to create custom email campaigns.

Nurturing potential customers

Automatically send emails to leads and leads after they sign up for your newsletter

Determine your Purchase Rate & ROI

Intuitive dashboards show essential analytics including purchase rates across every campaign.

All of functions can use in Virtuemart, becauce of that we need to care the email marketing for commercial when we build or set up a website of virtuemart. That really brings more benefit than your imagination . Here is one of the tool for help you understand about email marketing on Virtuemart, the product was called Remarkety :

Watch the explainer video!

How do I get started?

It’s simple. Sign up and easily connect your VirtueMart store with Remarkety. In less than two minutes, you’ll create your first email campaign. The tool is useful for the company using Virtuemart. That will bring more client for your business.

Look for more post about Virtuemart at: https://virtuemart.club/

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