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How you can benefit from cart abandonment problem

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Our customers do abandon carts! Surprised? It seems to be the bitter truth but in fact, it happened. Cart abandonment has become a part that always appears in any discussion of business owners. There are multiple reasons for customers to abandon cart such as not ready to purchase, just see product for fun, don’t have enough budget to buy, feel confused or longer  purchase cycles, etc. customers will leave your site without purchase anything.

You should understand that when customers add product to the cart, it means that they really care about those product, they consider them for their business, but sadly, still the carts are abandoned. According the recent survey, the percentage of shoppers abandon carts is 67.89%. If you search on Internet, join social media or forum, you can see that people talk a lot about what mistakes to avoid or what to do reduce the cart abandonment rate. However, we believe that there are both site for everything and this case is not exceptional. Of course, you still need to avoid abandonment cart, but  let’s see it under optimistic view, you can  turn this failure into an achievement, in this article, we will analyze some benefits of cart abandonment. Do you feel excited? Let’s go:

1 . In-depth analysis of micro-conversion

You may think that making analysis of micro-conversion is so easy. But have you ever though that with that kind of analysis, you only can see the visible part of iceberg. When you analyze cart abandonment rate, from the small activities with engagement of users before they proceed to checkout, you can monitor and analyze by using a software or intelligent tool, you can draw the  customer’s journey when they browse the store again! In-depth analysis of micro-conversion, done!

Let’s take an example: From the data you collect, you will know whether your checkout process is complex or not, you can direct customer to the point that they left at the last time.

2. Growing your database


Of course, that all visitors come to your site are all become customers, or in other words, all visitors buy your product is impossible. In fact, only a part of them make purchase orders. So, how can you gain great value form visitors who only browse the store? Here is the guideline:

– You can add function that gives visitors option to send the cart to their inbox via email, if not, they will lose the products they have curated.

– With customers who leave their email address, offer them a gift in exchange

– Other ways

When you have a list of email, you can make plan to contact to those visitors, send offers and turn them into your potential customers.

3 . Retargeting the users with personalized marketing

Firstly, take a quick recap of what you own and customer behaviors in terms of what they did. After having in-depth analysis of micro-conversion and database, you can continue by target the visitors based upon the browsing behavior, products added to the cart and the point where they left the store. Send emails for them about discounts or information related to the products waiting for them. If it is possible, let’s spend some time for social media, it is also a effective channel to your visitors about the items they have left in the cart.

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