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Best VirtueMart Extensions For Joomla eCommerce Websites

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When it comes to creating an e-commerce website, Virtuemart is one of the names that come to mind first. Virtuemart is a very powerful e-commerce platform; it supports many great features that make it easy for anyone to create an ecommerce site. However, using external extensions will greatly help Virtuemart websites and the fact that Any Virtuemart ecommerce website always uses a few extensions to help them. add necessary features to their websites.

On the market, there are many Virtuemart Extensions from many developers. We, CMSmart Team are one of them. CMSmart Team has developed a lot of popular trick extensions like: One Page Checkout for Virrtuemart, Ajax Cart pro, etc … Today, I will present to you the collection of 10 quality Virtuemart extensions and bestsellers from the CMSmart Team.

Now let’s move on to the first part:

1/ One page checkout – Best-seller Virtuemart Extensions

This is the best One Page Check Out Extension for Virtuemart and one of CMSMART’s bestsellers. The latest version of this product (Ver 5.0.0) was updated with a lot of useful features added.

This Virtuemart extension will save your customers a lot of time on checkout steps, so you’ll have a chance to increase sales by up to 70%.

2/ Save Cart plugin – Useful Virtuemart Extension


When shopping online, many customers want to save their products to their shopping cart and come back later to go through the checkout process with the Saved Shopping Cart. This Virtuemart extension – Save Cart Plugin will help your customers save the products they want to buy later right from their cart.

3/ Product Delivery date for Virtuemart 3 plugin

Shipping is an issue that customers always consider when shopping online. If the online store has a system that can help customers choose the right shipping time for their customers, they will be very satisfied. Products with extended delivery dates are developed to help shop owners do just that. With many useful features and options, this product makes it easy for shop owners to create a powerful delivery date system.

4/ Virtuemart Order Upload plugin

With this extension, users can easily upload multiple images and files for their production with Ajax effects at the same time. As such, they can save a great deal of time creating multiple products on the product listing page very quickly.

This extension is also fully compatible with the latest Virtuemart version (VM 3.x.x)

5/ Advance Virtuemart Invoice

For the online stores as well as all stores, the use of invoices is familiar. However, creating / printing invoices in e-commerce websites is not always easy. Therefore, this Advance Virtuemart Invoice has been developed to make creating / editing e-commerce store invoices much simpler, and there are many other features waiting for you. Therefore, this is one of the Best Virtuemart plugin for ecommerce store.

6/ Virtuemart Color Swatch Extension

A very useful product for online stores, especially fashion stores, apparel … allowing customers to see the colors of the product quickly without having to spend a lot of time on the page. product details.

7/ Quicklook plugin for Virtuemart product

It is also a product that enables customers to view product images without having to visit the details page. Admin can easily add product photos / images to the back-end with lots of options. This Quicklook plugin for Virtuemart can be used for a variety of websites with different product categories.

8/ Virtuemart Cart Pro Extension

The Virtuemart Cart Pro plugin allows customers to add, remove, and update products easily without needing to reload their cart continuously using the Ajax pop-up.

A professional shopping cart extension is a solution that allows your customers to continue shopping without waiting for pages to refresh.

9/ Virtuemart Ajax Search Pro Module

This Ajax Search is high-rated as one of the Best Virtuemart Extensions for Joomla Virtuemart website. is intended to improve Virtuemart’s default search functionality. This is a very useful extension with some good features like:

  • Optimized Search Handling.
  • Instant Ajax search results in a drop-down window.
  • Technology that empowers Ajax.
  • Easy to install, customize and use.

10/ Virtuemart Multiple Image Upload Plugin

What if you have a lot of your product photos or images and you want a super fast tool that allows you to upload other images related to your main image with just one click?

So Virtuemart Multiple Image Upload Plugin is absolutely one of the Best Virtuemart Extensions for you.


I hope that this article of Best VirtueMart Extensions For Joomla eCommerce Websites

has brought to you much useful information. If you have any questions about Virtuemart, let’s fill out the contact form or contact me directly. We always answer all of your questions ASAP.

Stay tuned on Virtuemart.club to discover more tips and solutions.

Thank you.


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