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Attachment for Virtuemart Product

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Attachment for Virtuemart Product Plugin allows shop owners to attach any type of files on the product details page


If you are a Virtuemart shop owner and you want to know “How to attach files on Virtuemart products details pages”. This extension will help to make it real. You just need to install the plugin normally, enable it then you can attach files into your Virtuemart products, no need to do anything else.

Attachment for Virtuemart Product

Additional Details

  • Virtuemart shoppers can download attachments to view
  • Simple and flexible work in all modern browsers
  • Attachments can be user manauals in PDF formats, or Microsoft Word, or Excel, PNG, JPEG, Zip and Media file extension ( Mp3, Mp4).
  • Attached unlimited numbers of files on the product details pages
  • A full documentation


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