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Advance delivery date & time for virtuemart

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For any Virtuemart shop owner who wants to set occurring a delivery date (day/month/year) and delivery become primordial/location for your products ( food, flowers, bakery, power) later this plugin is for you.

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With nonstop development of modern society, online shopping now is very popular for everyone. If your product is not seen on internet, you will loose a huge number of customer.

Shop owner can delivery items with exactly date and time as noted on order if their website is intergreated Advance Delivery date and time extension.

Product Benefits

Virtuemart Advance delivery date & time extension has many benefits for web store owner as well as customer shopping experience.

With administrator, they can get all information of shipping day, delivery time and date in order and they can arrange schedule intelligently and scientifically. Moreover, admin can custom it easily and simple. Because of light code on this extension, admin can custom friendly interface to fit each website.

With customers, they not only choose time and location suitable for them but also use this extension easily. Advance dlivery date & time compatibles with all browsers, Joomla version and virtuemart version as well.

Advance delivery date  amp; time for virtuemart

How it work for clients?

Advance delivery date & time for Virtuemart is very easy to use and convenient for customers through 3 steps:

Step 1: Click “add to cart” button

Step 2: Go to check out step. At this step, you fill full all information in “bill to” and “ship to”,

Step 3: Go to Payment and Shipment, choose recieve time. With each location, you choose different date depends on shop owner aim.

How it work for shop owners?

You are website store owner but you do not have much technology experience, just follow some easy steps below:

Step 1: Login on back-end and install this extension.

Step 2: Go to Plugin enable extension and setup delivery date. You can set up many types suitable for your site.
To setup advance Delivery City, Go to components, and then choose delivery city to setup. Or you can setup delivery date in many diffierent countries, states or zipcode. You also can combine 3 things if you want.

This delivery date extension is the best choice for your site, when you setup it, you not only manage easily but also have more various customers with different delivery time.


Block dates for annual holidays

With an updates function of blocking dates on annual holidays, your customers can not select the dates to require your products delivery service

Customizable layouts

Customizable titles’ colors, labels and borders.

Create delivery date depends on country, state, specific zipcode (11111, 22222), general zipcode (14*, 15*)

If shoppers want to receive their product the fastest, they have to fill full your address as country, state….. You are prioritized to receive faster.

Select multi time to suitable with other customers.

If your shoppers live other country, they can select time to suitable with their place they live.

Choose delivery time from a time slider

Shoppers can choose delivery time from a time slider. If they don’t want, they can fill time in a box.

Select multi time to suitable with other customers.

If your shoppers live other country, they can select time to suitable with their place they live.

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