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7 Things That Customers Always Expect in Online Store

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The most efficient way to make customers happy is providing complete and exactly what they need. To do this, we need to know what the client wants when visit an e-commerce site. Understand customer psychology is the important key to success in business. Below are few essential things that customers always expect when shopping in an online store.

#1 Fast Loading Time

Fast and slow progress loading bar

The page load time is directly affected users of all sites. Whether it is a personal website, a news website or e-commerce website, make sure that no one wants to use a website with a long loading time. In facts, arccording to research by KISSmetrics, the page abandonment rises to from 2-3% at a loading time of 1 second, to a bludgeoning 25% at 3 seconds of waiting, with 70% dissatisfied users becoming less likely to buy from the website again.

So, reducing page load time down to a minimum is what every ecommerce website needs to do if they do not want customers to leave their sites and go to the competitor’s store because they having to wait too long.

#2 Mobile Responsive Designs

A SmartInsights compilation shows a steady increase in conversion rates across all mobile devices. More and more consumers use mobile devices to shopping online. Although the rate of successful transactions on mobile has not been high as on desktop but make sure that number will increase significantly in the near future. This makes incorporating responsive and/or adaptive website design to cater this potential customer base.

#3 Intuitive Navigation

While consumers visiting a store with thousands of products, they will have difficulty navigate because of the huge amount of products. Provides utilities to help customers easily navigate and search for products that will help increase conversion rates significantly.

The simplest method of simplifying customer search is by categorizing the inventory by brand name or category. This serves both types of visitors: those searching for specific brands, and those who only know what they want.

#4 Powerful Search Capabilities


Along with navigation, powerful search features will help customers find the products they want. Normally, the basic search function often cannot correct grammatical errors, find useful results that match your visitors’ true intention, nor offer lightning fast results. Given how accustomed to Google and Bing people are, they expect fast results, optimum number of search results per page, and the ability to make those small spelling errors and still land on the correct pages. If you use Virtuemart for your store, some extensions will help you create strong search feature such as: Virtuemart Ajax Search ProVirtuemart Ebay Instant Keyword Search, etc…

#5 Online Chats and Customer Support

Online store unlike normal retail stores, you cannot assign a dedicated sales representative to look after the customers walking through the aisles and searching for the products. Nothing can guarantee that the product description will provide sufficient information that customers want to know. This time, customers will tend to seek more information about the products on the search engines. Owning an Online Chats and Customer Support system and actively ask and answer questions of the consumer will reduce drainage rates. This is a solution to improve user experience for every online store.

#6 Trust Marks

There are many consumers still do not feel comfortable and safe when shopping online. This is the time that trust marks come into play, these are online accreditation certificates from various online authorities such as Verisign, GeoTrust, BBB, TRUSTe, Network Solutions, among others.


#7 Disclosing Payment Systems and Shipping Fees

Public information of payment systems and shipping fees will help customers feel more comfortable when making purchase. They will not be surprised when shipping costs are too high or the payment systems not support their credit cards. Vague informations may cause customers to abandon the purchases.

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