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10 Virtuemart Extensions You Must Have For Your Website

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Today, I will show you a collection of 10 best quality and best selling Virtuemart extensions from CMSmart Team.

Now, we’re going to the first one:

1/ One page checkout for Virtuemart

This is the best One Page Checkout Extension for Virtuemart and it’s one of the best selling products of CMSMART. The latest version of this product (Ver 5.0.0) was updated in early September with lots of useful features have been added.

This extension will help your customers save lots of time for checkout steps, so you’ll get opportunity to increase sales up to 70%.


2/ Virtuemart Save Cart plugin

Virtuemart Save Cart Plugin

When shopping online, many customers want to save their products in cart and come back later to perform the checkout process with the saved Cart. Virtuemart Save Cart Plugin will help your customers save products which they want to purchase later right from their shopping cart.


3/ Product Delivery date for Virtuemart 3 plugin

Product Delivery date for Virtuemart 3 plugin

Shipping is an issue which customers always pay attention when shopping online. If the online store has a system that can help customers select the appropriate shipping time with customers then surely they will be very satisfied.Product delivery date extension was developed to help store owners can do that.With many useful features and options, this product helps store owners create a strong delivery date system with ease.


4/ Virtuemart Order Upload plugin

Virtuemart Order Upload plugin

With this extension, users can easily to upload multiple images and files for their products with Ajax effects at the same time. Thus, they can save big time to create more products in product listing page very quickly.

This extension also fully compatible with the latest Virtuemart version (VM 3.x.x)


5/ Advance Virtuemart Invoice

Advanced Virtuemart Invoices

For online stores, as well as all the shops, the use of the invoice is very familiar. However, create / print invoices in the e-commerce website are not always easy. Therefore, this Advance Virtuemart Invoice has been developed to help create/edit invoice in the e-commerce store becomes much simpler.In addition, many other features are waiting for you.


6/ Virtuemart Color Swatch Extension

Virtuemart Color Swatch Extension

A very useful product for online stores, especially the fashion store, apparel… which allows customer can see the colors of the products quickly without having to spend lots of time to visit the product details page.


7/ Quicklook plugin for Virtuemart product

Quicklook plugin for Virtuemart product

It is also a product which can help customers see the images of the product without having to visit the details page. Admin can easily to add the images/photos of product in back-end with many options. ThisQuicklook plugin for Virtuemart can be used for many types of websites with various kinds of products.


8/ Virtuemart Cart Pro Extension

Virtuemart Cart Pro Extension

Virtuemart Cart Pro module allows customer to add, remove and update products easily, without needing to reload the cart continuously using Ajax pop-up.

The cart pro extension is a solution which enable your customers to continue shopping without waiting for the pages to get refreshed.


9/ Virtuemart Ajax Search Pro Module

Virtuemart Ajax Search Pro Module

This Ajax Search extension comes to improve the default search function of Virtuemart. This is very useful extension with some good features such as:

  • Optimized Search handling.
  • Instant Ajax search results in drop-down window.
  • Ajax empowered technology.
  • Easy to install, customize and use.


10/ Virtuemart Multiple Image Upload Plugin

Virtuemart Multiple Image Upload Plugin

If you have many photos or images of your products, and you want to have a super fast tool that allows you to upload other images related to your main images just in one click?

So, Virtuemart Multiple Image Upload plugin is absolutely the right one.


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