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Virtuemart template club with 2 support options: Standard & Auto recurring


In a previous post, we had introduced you to VirtueMart template club and Magento theme club, they are all the huge community that we build to bring you the best service. The same to Magento theme club, our Virtuemart template club also comes with two support choice for you, they are Standard and Auto recurring. I cannot affirm which will be the best because it depends on a lot on your business requirement. So in this article, I will make the analysis and hope you find it useful

With both standard and Auto recurring, you can enjoy the benefits mentioned below:

  • Bugs fixed: When offering any products or services to customers, we always try to make them perfect with great user experience. However, nothing is perfect, the bug might be found when using or occur when installing due to the conflict with extensions or theme of third-parties, that is inevitable. When you find out any bugs related to our product, we will cover them and update for you freely until you are satisfied.
  • Instruction and Usage: After buying our product and service, you will get assistance on how to customize templates and extensions. We will tell you carefully about where and how you can focus on configuring.
  • Minor customization: What does it mean by minor customization or what will be considered as a minor customization? It means a template or extension, from the beginning, it is designed to satisfy the demand of users but for some reasons, to make it be suitable the best to your business, you need to take some minor customization, we will give you advice on how to do. However, we will not add new features or build a site for you.
  • Update problem: If you are having an issue updating one of our products we can assist you. If you are having an issue updating CMS we can also help, this does not include migration services.

These are the four common things for two choices: Standard and Auto recurring on Virtuemart template club. In the rest of article, I will show you the differences, or in other words, what you will be more beneficial when choosing Auto recurring rather than Standard. Here we go:

  • JavaScript conflicts: If you are not a developer or have some certain knowledge about information technology, JavaScript conflict seems quite difficult to identify and resolve. When one of our product involves this conflict, we will help you to find the best solution.
  • On-site debugging: When you get stuck in a problem, we will login to your server to research, debug, and resolve all problems for you. We promise that all information related to your login account will be secured and kept privately.
  • Third-party products: We also provide a package with full from A to Z solutions, if using those package, the chance of occurring conflict is so small. However, if you are using a product from third-parties and when applying our product, the conflict appears, we can troubleshoot it for you. In most cases, we can fix issues.
  • Forum support: You can see many questions that asked by many people. If you can not find a suitable question, ask us immediately on a forum.

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